New bloggers often wonder how to purchase a hosting package. This post will guide you how to purchase a Namecheap hosting package. This post is a part of the WordPress migration series. If you haven’t covered up the earlier post in the series, read here:

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  2. Prepare your blogger blog for WordPress migration.

In this post, I will explain you, how to purchase a hosting package at Namecheap? If you haven’t read my experience with my Namecheap Hosting service, you can read here:

How to purchase Namecheap Hosting package:

1) Select your Hosting package:

Visit Namecheap and select Hosting. You will see a list of Hosting packages available there. You can also check the features of those hosting packages. Now, select the one which suits you. Add it to your cart.

If you are buying hosting for your new blog, with which you planned to make money or it is your personal blog, then select the Value Pack. It would be suitable for you. The rest of the plans are suitable for business people.


Shared Hosting Packages from Namecheap

Source: Namecheap

Note: These are old shared hosting packages at Namecheap. Now, they have updated their packages. You can find the new Namecheap shared hosting packages below. However, the tutorial explains with the old packages.

New Namecheap Shared Hosting Packages

All those shared hosting packages come out with a free domain. Now, they offer .website domain. You can claim your free .website domain. The base package itself offers you to host up to 3 websites.You can claim your free .website domain. And then add your website too. You will still have space to host 1 more website.


Namecheap Hosting offers free website


2) Choose domain name:

Now, you will be taken to the page, where you will have to choose your domain name. Check if your domain name is available. If not, try a new one.  And then choose the number of years you want to purchase the domain. You will have to pay extra for the additional years and then click Add New Domain to the Cart and click Continue.

Namecheap offers free domain


Now, you will be prompted to enter PROMO CODE. Promo codes will give you a significant discount on your total amount of purchase. You can check out our Namecheap Promo codes here. I will update this regularly.

Namcheap promo code


3) Create an account or use existing:

Next, you will have to create an account for you. If you already have one, you can use the existing. Note, you will have to verify your account using a mobile number.


Log in or Sign up at Namecheap


4) Payment :

Next, you will have to choose your payment method. Namecheap will accept payment through,

  1. Credit card.
  2. Paypal
  3. Bitcoin


Bitcoin users will have to first Top up their account and only then they can use it for payment. You can check that in the following image.

Namecheap payment methods


That’s it. Once, you made the payment, you will get an email from Namecheap with your cPanel account credentials. Also, you will get a receipt for your purchase.

Stuck anywhere?

If you stuck anywhere, feel free to ask me in the comments section. I will help you.

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