The most annoying people for bloggers/website owners are the spammers. They just post a spam comment and leave off. The comment will be completely irrelevant to the post. If by mistake the blogger accepts the spam comment, then it will be disturbing the other readers of the blog and ultimately the blogger will loose some of this audience. So, he needs to be very careful with spammers.

Luckily for WordPress users, we have an awesome plugin to tackle this complexity with ease. It’s called Akismet.

This plugin is actually developed by Automattic, the same company which developed WordPress. You can get to know more about this company here.

Plugin Stats:

The following image will let you know how popular and trustworthy this plugin is.

Akismet plugin stats

This plugin is being used by more than 3 million websites and I will be explaining how to install and use this plugin below.

Install Akismet Plugin:

The first step is that you need to install Akismet Plugin.

akismet wordpress plugin



If you are new to WordPress and have no idea, how to install a WordPress plugin, you can refer this tutorial.

Setting up Akismet Plugin to stop spam comments:

Once, you activated the plugin, you will see a notification at the top of your screen.

Set up your Akismet account notification

Click “Set up your Akismet account


You can directly go to Settings -> Akismet in your WordPress dashboard.

In the Akismet plugin page, you could notice that you will be requested with an Akismet API key. This API key is very much essential to activate Akismet plugin. Now, I will tell you how to get this API key for free.

Get API key from Akismet

Just click “Get API key” button and you will be taken Akismet website.

You will find this saying “ Say Goodbye to comment spam” on their website.

say goodbye to comment spam

Just click “ Get an Akismet API key” button or “ Get Started” button.

You will be taken to a page with their packages and pricing. Here are their packages.

akismet plugin pricing

There are four plans.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Plus and Premium packages might be useful for high-end websites. We will be going on with the Basic plan for our website. The basic plan is more than enough for us.

Akismet payment page

Now, you will be taken to a Payment page. Here, you will find a slider mentioning $36/year as your plan for Akismet. Change it to 0$ / year and click “Continue” button.

Spend zero dollar per year for Akismet

Now, you get a dialog box, with an option to activating Akismet plugin. Just click “ Activate this Site” option.

Activate Akismet Plugin

You will be brought back to your website’s Akismet plugin page.

Here, you will have to choose how Strict Akismet plugin has to deal with Spammers. It’s by default set to “ Silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it”.

Akismet Settings

This option will directly delete the spam comments and you will never come across it. And the next one is that “ Always put the spam in the spam folder for review”.

This option will actually send the spam comments to a separate folder called Spam folder. And, the comments older than 15 days will be deleted automatically.

I actually put the spam comments into the spam folder and check that before deleting. If you are a busy blogger with thousands of spam comments, you will have to go with the first option.

And don’t forget to click  “Save Changes “.

Video Tutorial:

You can also watch the same as a youtube video.


That’s it. You have successfully set up Akismet plugin on your website. Now, this plugin will take care of everything. You could do your blogging peacefully.

Comment below, if you have installed Akismet plugin on your website. If you find this tutorial useful, share it with other bloggers too. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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