If you are having a website or blog on making money online, you might probably wonder how to get big backlinks on this topic. The reason is that there aren’t big blogs on making money online when compared to other niches. So, getting high-quality relevant backlinks on this topic is little difficult.

However, there are few good blogs on money making with around 60+ Domain Authority. You can get backlinks from these sites through blog commenting. But, how do I find those sites?

Don’t worry!

I have already done this tedious task. I have compiled a list of websites with 60+ Domain Authority.

What conditions do these websites satisfy?

All the websites, I mentioned in this list,

  • Have blog posts on making money online. Some websites will be relevant to this topic if not directly.
  • Will have domain authority 60+
  • Will have either WordPress or Disqus comment system.

Download 60+ DA Make Money Online websites list:

You can download this list as a pdf file here.

Will this list be updated?

Yes, this list will be updated regularly. Because domain authority of websites does change over a certain period of time.

How to share this resource?

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