Neobux is one of those legit PTC sites that is paying its users for a long period of time. If you are unaware of Neobux, I will let you know. Neobux is a website where you can earn by clicking ads. Earning by clicking ads might not look like a big deal. But, if utilized properly with a strategy, then you can make up to $50 per day at Neobux.

You can read more about it at my Neobux Review.

However, the elementary step for this is that you need to click advertisements.

That’s fine. But,

How will I click ads at Neobux?

You can watch my Youtube tutorial to get a quick grab on how to click advertisements at Neobux.

Also, an alternative way to learn

So, now you have a clear idea on how to click advertisements.

But, what’s the next step? What’s the plan that I should I follow to earn?

Don’t worry, I have got a perfect plan to start your earning ay Neobux.

Action Plan to Earn by Clicking Ads!

I have created a basic action plan with steps to start your earning at Neobux. The action plan is in the form of pdf.

 Remember, this basic action plan focuses only on earning by clicking ads. It does not talk any advanced strategies like renting referrals, which is a complicated method for beginners to maintain it. 

You can download this action plan by filling out the form shown below.

 Note: This action plan is created by Nirmal Kumar. And, it belongs to OnlineRockersHub. You are allowed to share this page link alone on social media. You are not supposed to share this pdf with other members. 

Wrapping up:

I think this action plan would have given you a clear picture of how to earn by just clicking ads at Neobux.
If you find this plan useful, share it on social media and let me know that in the comments section.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar

Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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