Having a small online business/website is what we people like Bloggers love. We love writing. And, to our writing online, we do earn some income from various sources. Also, to maintain this website, we often come across expenses. Maintaining your business income and expenses will become a headache if you don’t keep track of them regularly. You have seen me posting income reports for quite some time. So, I thought of sharing something that I personally use. So here is the free small business spreadsheet for Income and Expenses.

Why do you need to use Spreadsheet for tracking Income and Expenses?

If you are working with big companies, you would have got a lot of applications and software for maintaining this income and expenses.

But, what about small business and bloggers like me?

We can’t afford to buy a software for this. And we can’t create our own software, because all of us are not coders/software developers.

We may not be coders/software developers. However, the simplest one that we can do to maintain this income and expenses is to use a spreadsheet. Almost, every one of us will be knowing how to use a spreadsheet, because we were taught how to use it in our school/college.

Even, If you haven’t learned to use it, don’t worry, I will help you.

So what does this download package contains?

Look, I mentioned this as a download package. I have something extra for you.

This package consists of:

  • Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses
  • Readme

So, this readme pdf will actually guide you how to use this Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses. I have created Step By Step Tutorials on how to use this spreadsheet.

Download Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses:

So, to download this package, you simply need to fill out this form. Once, you fill the form, your file will be downloaded.

Wrapping Up:

If you have any feedback/suggestions, I am glad to hear that. Also, If you want any more features to be added, let me know, I will add it.

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Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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