Have you ever tried to create a Poster/Flyer for an event that you are going to organize? How did you manage to create it? Was that so easy? Or time-consuming?

What if you had a template for your event and just you wanted to change some details? It would have been so easy right?

Do you have such a tool/ software?

Yes, I do.

It’s called DesignCap.

What can it do?

It has some cool features. I will explain you in detail about this software in this DesignCap Review.

Let’s get into this review of DesignCap, but before that, I would like to tell you something.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored Review on DesignCap. I was offered 3 FotoJet Plus memberships in exchange for this review. However, the content of this DesignCap Review is completely based on my opinion.

So, I have disclosed it clearly to you. Now,

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an online graphic design software. It is designed specifically for creating posters and flyers. This software was developed by PearlMountain.

Have you heard this name anywhere?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you could have come across this name.

PearlMountain is the company that created FotoJet and DesignEVO. These people are here in this field of graphic design and software development for almost 10 years. They are very experienced and they know the needs of the people.

Among their previous products, FotoJet was the most popular one. Now, FotoJet has more than a million users all over the world spreading across 200 countries. If you haven’t come across this software, then you can check my FotoJet review to know more about this.

FotoJet Review: Online Graphic Designer and Collage Maker

After FotoJet, their next successful online graphic designer was DesignEVO. It is an online Logo maker, where you can create Logos for your website/business for free. I did a review on DesignEVO too.

DesignEVO Review: Create transparent logos just for free

After their two successful online graphics tools, their next one is this DesignCap.

Now, you might feel,

Why should I use DesignCap?

As I already mentioned, DesignCap will help you create posters/flyers. You might come across a situation, where you need to create one.

Just before writing this review, I came across a situation, where I need to create one for my website.

Interested to know what poster did I create?

Check it out.

It’s for the second anniversary of my blog OnlineRockersHub, that’s on April 9, 2018.

Happy 2nd Anniversary OnlineRockersHub

How is it?

And, coming to our subject,

DesignCap has got pre-made posters (called templates) in the following categories.

Designcap template categories

Here is the link to Template Categories. So, even without registering to DesignCap, you can check the various templates available there. If you like it, you can proceed further to create your account there and start designing.


How to register at DesignCap?

To register at DesignCap, go to DesignCap website.

Here, you can find a Signup button at the top right corner. Click the button.

Click sign up at DesignCap Homepage

Now, you will see a signup form popping up.

Fill the Signup Form at DesignCap

You can create a new account by entering your email address and password, or, you can easily create one linking your Facebook page.

If you are using your email address, as soon as you hit the sign up button, you will see a confirmation message that your account has been registered successfully.

DesignCap Account Registered Successfully

But, you need to verify your email address.

So, visit your email inbox, you will see a confirmation mail for DesignCap.

Verify Email Address at DesignCap

Click, “Confirm my Account”,

As you click the button, you will be taken to the page, with email verification successful.

Email Address verified at DesignCap

Now, you can log in to your DesignCap account, and edit your name and other details.

To start designing, on your homepage, click “Make a Free Poster / Flyer”.

DesignCap Review: Start Making Posters and Flyers at DesignCap

Let’s Start Designing our Poster:

This is how your designing area would be looking like.

DesignCap Designing Interface

In the left, you can see five sections namely,

  • Template
  • Photo
  • Text
  • ClipArt
  • Background

I would explain what each section is for, one by one.


The template section is where you can find these pre-designed posters.  I already showed you various categories of templates available. You can choose the one from hundreds of templates available there.


The photo section has further three tabs.

Photo Section at DesignCap

Here, you can add photos to DesignCap by any one of the following ways,

  • If you have the photo, on your desktop, you can directly upload it by clicking, “Add Photo” button
  • You don’t have on your desktop, but it’s on your Facebook. Don’t worry, you can directly import photos from Facebook using the second tab.
  • If you want to use a photo from the internet, use the image search bar available and choose a picture from 580,000 images available. These photos are provided by Pixabay.


Text Section at DesignCap

This section allows you to add text to your poster.

You can make use of the predefined font styles or you can create your custom one. Just add a text, choose the font you want, align the font, add font properties, add some effects to your text, change font size, font color etc

Though there are some cool font features, I feel its missing something.

What’s that?

As you know, Google fonts are so popular. They have over 800 libre licensed fonts. The number of fonts in DesignCap is limited. It would be awesome if there is a feature to add a custom font. So, we can make all our posters text look unique.

This isn’t a weird feature, you already have this at Gravit.


ClipArt Section at DesignCap

You can either add a clipart from thousands of clipart images available there or search from 93,000 cliparts available on the internet.

Apart from the properties and effects that you can add to the clipart, the coolest thing is that, if you are adding clipart from DesignCap, then you can change their colors.

But, you can’t change the color of the clipart added from the Internet.


Background Section at DesignCap

If you are not going with the templates available there, then you can use the background section to add a background color. The best feature in this section is that you can add gradient colors.

This feature of gradient colors is not available in every graphic design software.

Sharing your Posters:

Once you designed your poster, you can save this project. The saved project file will be download. You can load this file to DesignCap again and edit this.

DesignCap helps you export this poster at JPG or PNG image format in four different sizes. You can even share this poster directly to social media, without visiting each social media platform individually.

Or click the print button and either print on your printer or convert it into a pdf.

Video Tutorial: How to Create a free poster with DesignCap?

I have created a video tutorial with DesignCap. In this video tutorial, I will be showing you how I created the poster that I showed you at the beginning of this post.

Hope, you like this tutorial.


DesignCap is a completely free software. It would not add any watermark or logo at the bottom. So, you can enjoy using DesignCap for free.

DesignCap Review and Ratings:

DesignCap Review
  • User Interface
  • Pricing
  • Editing Options
  • Available Templates, Clipart and Photos

DesignCap Review in Short

DesignCap is an online Graphic Designer created specifically to create Posters and Flyers.It has an appealing user interface. A good number of templates available to create posters. Expecting more features to come in future.

User Review
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Wrapping up:

So, DesignCap is an online graphic designer specifically to create posters and flyers.It has got hundreds of templates to use and thousands of photos, clipart to add.It is fully designable and completely free.

Try DesignCap Today!

If you have tried this DesignCap, let me know your user experience in the comments section.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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