Every Business should have a unique logo. This logo represents the brand.

But, how to create a unique logo?

Will the free online image creators be useful?

No, you can’t create a quality logo with them. They do lack some features. Also, you can’t download a transparent logo from them. Only, if you have a premium account, you can download your logo with transparent background.

DesignEVO is one such program that allows you to create quality logos and still you can’t download the logo with transparent background without purchasing a premium package.

Note: The original review was posted on October 17, 2017. And this review is updated on June 5, 2018, with the latest changes at DesignEVO.

Update: DesignEVO no longer allows you to download logos with transparent background in the free package.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review on DesignEVO. However, the post is completely based on my personal experience and opinion.

What is DesignEVO?

DesignEVO Review at OnlineRockersHub

DesignEVO is a free logo maker from PearlMountain. They are in this field of graphic design software since 2006. One of their famous product if Fotojet. You can read my review on Fotojet here.

They created DesignEVO with a motive to help small businesses, startups, and individual business owners to create a free logo online with ease.

Features of DesignEVO:

Millions of Icons:

DesignEVO - Add icon and shapes to the logo

DesignEVO has millions of icons. You can add these icons to your image, just by drag and drop.

Hundreds of Fonts:

DesignEVO - Add text to your logo

This tool has got hundreds of fonts in it like a Canva or Gravit has. You can try out any cool font you like.

Fully Customizable:

DesignEVO - Customize your Logo

Unlike many image creators restricting customizable features, DesignEVO gives you the full control to modify your logo and implement your creativity.


This is the most important feature to consider. It has got a free package to start with. You can simply create a logo without even registering.

Time-Saving, Right?

Here is the pricing of DesignEVO.

DesignEVO Pricing

My Experience:

I just tried to create a logo for OnlineRockersHub. Just within minutes, I created a cool logo.

OnlineRockersHub - Logo Created With DesignEVO

Does it look nice?

My Ratings:

DesginEVO Review
  • Icons and Text availability
  • Free to use
  • Transparent Image (Only on Premium packages)

Best Online Tool to Create Logo

DesignEVO is one of the best tools you will find online to create a unique logo. The interface is user-friendly and the tool is free to use.

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Wrapping up:

I hope, you will find my DesignEVO review useful. Also, you would make use of this free tool to create a unique logo for your website or business.

Try DesignEVO for Free!

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Do you know any other useful logo maker like this? Let me know in the comments section.

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