Not every one of us is good at coding.  And, you might be one among those who don’t know to code but come across a situation to create a webpage. You don’t need to learn HTML and CSS overnight. All you can do is to simply copy the HTML code and page.

How can I meet my requirements while copying the code from the internet?

Cool! We have got a solution for this.

It is DragDropR.

Whats that?

We will get to know more about this tool with this DragDropR review.

Note: This is a sponsored review. I received a Dragdropr membership for 1 year in exchange of this review. If you have a relevant product for me to review, then check my charges for sponsored review.

What is DragDropr?

DragDropR is a simple drag and drop builder that will allow you to create a webpage. Will this tool, you can create a webpage without learning a single line of code.

How can you meet your requirements?

You may need to create a form, add a picture and many more for your webpage. To support all your requirements, DragDropR has got more than 300 fully customizable content blocks. All you need to do is to simply add this content blocks to your webpage and edit it.

So, how can you get started with DragDropR?

Getting started with DragDropR is easy. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to DragDropR website. And then click the Sign Up button at the top right corner.

Click Sign up at Drapdropr Homepage

  1. A signup form appears in the next page. Enter your Full Name, E-mail address, password and your Organization name. You can also change the Organization Type from Company to CRM Provider and Agency.

Fill the signup form at Drapdropr

  1. Once, you have registered, a verification email would be sent to your inbox. Click the “Verify Account” button in the verification email that you received.

Dragdropr verification email

Now, you have successfully created an account at DragDropr. So, you can start exploring their features now.

Once, you log in to the Dragdropr dashboard, you can notice, four different tabs at the top namely,

  • Projects
  • Content Blocks
  • Templates
  • Integrations

Drapdropr tabs

Before I start with the project tab,  I would like to explain you the other three tabs.

Content Blocks Tab:

Drapdropr content blocks tab

The Content Blocks Tab shows you the list of various Content Blocks which you can add into your webpage.  There are more than 200 content blocks available from which you can choose what you want to add.

Apart from the already available ones, you can also create your own content block and store it, so that you can reuse it, instead of creating new ones every time.

Templates tab:

Dragdropr templates

The Templates tab consists of pre-designed layouts for specific purposes. There are already more than 50 templates available. Just like for the content blocks, you can add your own template and reuse it for multiple web pages.

Integrations tab:

Dragdropr Integrations

In this tab, you can find the various integrations available for Dragdropr. You can integrate Dragdropr with Magneto, WordPress, Lightspeed, and Shopify. You have also got a chrome extension.

With the Chrome Extension, you can directly start creating your webpage anywhere. You don’t need to visit the Dragdropr website and log in to continue. Thus, this chrome extension saves you a lot of time.

Projects Tab:

To create a new project,

  • Under Projects Tab, click Add new Project
  • Then, enter the name of your Project
  • And, then click Save.

Once you enter the Project, you will get an option to add new pages.

Create new project at Dragdropr

After you click Add new HTML Page, you will be taken to the Drapdropr Builder. I have attached a screenshot of how the Dragdropr builder will look like.

Drapdropr Builder

On the left, you have got all the widgets and content blocks to add. On the right side, you have got all the customization options. The middle area is to preview your web page.

How to convert your webpage created at Dragdropr to HTML code?

To convert this drag and drop content into HTML, just click the code icon at the top right corner. Now, a popup dialog box displays with the HTML code along with the CSS code.

Exporting HTML code at Dragdropr

You can copy and paste this code anywhere you want to upload. If you want to host this webpage, then you need a domain and hosting for this. If you are purchasing domain and hosting, then I would recommend you to go with Namecheap or Hostgator or BlueHost.

Drapdropr Pricing:

Though the features are cool, Dragdropr is not a free version. It is a paid one. I have attached a screenshot of the Pricing.

The pricing differs for Companies/Individuals and Agencies/Service Provider. For Companies/Individuals, the pricing starts from $19/mo

Dragdropr pricing for companies or individuals

And for Agencies/Service Providers, the pricing starts from $89/mo.

Drapdropr pricing for agencies and service provider

Drapdropr Affiliate Program:

Apart from the content builder available at Drapdropr, you have got an opportunity to earn money at Dragdropr through their affiliate program.

To activate your Dragdropr affiliate account,

  • Under your profile icon, click Affiliates
  • Now, on the affiliate page, click “Activate Affiliate Account

Dragdropr affiliate program

The cookie period is 90 days. And you will be paid, once your balance reaches €25. However, the commission rate and other payout details are not mentioned on their website. So, If you are really interested in promoting their product, do contact them to know these details.

My Reviews and Ratings for Dragdropr:

Drapdropr Review
  • User Interface
  • Content Blocks and Functionalities
  • Pricing
  • Integrations

Dragdropr Review Summary

Dragdropr is a simple visual content builder that will provide you the HTML code for the web pages you create using drag and drop.

Wrapping Up:

With this simple drag and drop visual builder, you can create web pages so easily. You don’t even need to use any blogging platform.  Thus Dragdropr can help you quickly create a webpage. And especially if you are creating any single page websites.

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