Online Marketing has taken different forms over the year. One among them is the memes. We come across memes every day in social media. We have used them for sharing the fun. But, if done right, it can be your winning online marketing campaign.

Have any companies succeeded by using memes for marketing?

Yes, there are.

And today, we will also look at how to create memes online in this Filmora Meme Maker Review.

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What is a meme?

The word meme was first coined by Richard Dawkins in his book, ‘The Selfish Gene’ in 1976. The Meme is a shortened term of Greek mimesis, meaning, ‘imitated thing’.

That’s right!

The majority of memes that we come across today are imitating someone for their actions. Memes have evolved as the face of communication and now they are a popular way to get updated with the changes in this fluctuating world.

Why marketers choose Meme Marketing?

Here is a screenshot of the Google Trends for the word ‘memes’. It has risen all over from 2011 and still finds a steady place in digital marketing.

Google Trends of the word memes

A research made by Global Social Media reveals that around 3.196 Billion users are active on social media.

Global Social Media Research shows the number of active social media users

The one who captivates this opportunity can only stay in this digital marketing for a longer period.

Popular Brands using Memes:

As I mentioned already there are brands who succeeded in using memes for their marketing. Here are some popular brands who have already started using memes as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Virgin Media uses the ‘Success Kid’ memes for promoting their HD channels at no extra cost.

Success Kid for Virgin Media

And here is a meme from Big Bazaar promoting Bachat Run Game.

Big Bazaar Bachat Run Game meme

What are the rules for creating a meme?

Do we any rules for this?

A meme just created for fun need not follow anything. But, a marketing campaign should follow some basic principles. Else it will backfire your own marketing efforts.

1) Make sure your meme is relatable:

It is impossible to create a meme that is completely understandable by everyone. So, it is better that you know your target audience well. And create memes that could be related by your targeted audience.

2) Your Timing is important:

It is of no use sharing an outdated meme. Only trendy memes get shared a lot. And the rest is of no use. So, keep your timing right while sharing memes.

3) Add some Humor to it:

Humor is the reason why people share memes. If your meme is boring, your target audience is not going to share it. So, don’t forget to add some Humor to it.

How to win Online Marketing with Memes Easily?

Here is an Infographic from Filmora Wondershare that brings you the essential elements for creating successful online marketing with memes.

Infographic - How to win Online Marketing with Memes Easily

Infographic Sources: Filmora Wondershare

To embed the Infographic in your website, use the following code:

<a href=""><img src=""></img></a> Infographic Source: <a href="">Filmora Wondershare</a>


How to create a meme online?

With the rules for creating successful meme marketing laid, now we will try out a free tool that would allow us to create memes online.

Today, we will see how to create memes with Filmora’s Free Online Meme Maker. So, here are the simple steps that you need to follow to create a meme with this tool.

First, visit the Filmora Online Meme Maker.

Filmora Wondershare Free Online Meme Maker

Now, you will have to upload your content to this tool. This free tool can create memes with videos, gifs, and images. You can either, drag and drop your file from your device. If you have your file in any online cloud storage device, just enter the URL and then click upload.

First, let’s see how to create an image meme and then we will look at gif memes.

After uploading the image here, Filmora will ask you if you want to crop the image.

Edit your Image for Filmora Meme Maker

Crop the image as per your requirements and then click Ok. Now, you would have been brought to the Meme Maker Editor Screen.

Filmora Wondershare Meme Maker Editor Screen

The left bar allows you to add text to the image and customize it.

The right side is your working area, whether your meme appears.

The left bar consists of three sections. The first one is ‘Enter Your Text’. You can switch between ‘Text Inside’ and ‘Text Outside’. And you can add ‘Top Text’ and ‘Bottom Text’.

Next is the ‘Text Options’. Here you can choose your Font, change Font Decorations, change Font Alignment and finally choose the Font Color.

And the last thing you need to do is to choose the File type. You can either choose it as JPG or PNG and then click ‘Create’.

Once, you click the button, you will be brought to the Export Page.

Export Page in Filmora Wondershare Online Meme Maker

Here, click the ‘Download’ Button to download your meme.

Hurray! You have created a meme.

Here is the image that I created for this tutorial.

Say No to PTC Sites and Yes to Affiliate Marketing

How to create Video/Gif meme?

Earlier, we saw how to create an image meme. Now, we will also try creating a video/gif meme. This is pretty much similar to the previous one. First, upload the video to the meme maker.

Video uploading at Filmora Wondershare Meme Maker

Just wait a while for the video to get uploaded.

Once the video has been uploaded, you will have to crop the video.

Crop the video at Filmora Wondershare Meme Maker

Now, you will be brought to the Editor Screen. Just add the text and do the formatting as we did for the image meme.

Editing Gif image at Filmora Wondershare Meme Maker

And finally, while choosing File Type, make sure that it is in GIF format. And then click ‘Create

Choosing file type for Gif Meme at Filmora Wondershare meme maker

Now, your GIF meme is ready to be downloaded. Just click the ‘Download‘ Button.

GIF meme ready at Filmora Wondershare Meme Maker

And here is the GIF meme that I created for this tutorial.

When you land at the first page of Google - GIF Meme

Wrapping Up with Ratings:

Filmora Meme Maker Ratings
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Image/Gif quality

Filmora Meme Maker Review

Try the free Meme Maker from Filmora. Simple and Easy to use. Create a meme quickly for your marketing campaign.

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