There are numerous Form Plugins in WordPress and no doubt in it. The reason for too many form plugins is that forms are the best way to collect data from your users. The data being collected is very vital for your business.

These data can even be collected from payment forms. That shows how important and authentic the form is. Today, we will see a review of one such form plugin. It is Formidable forms.

Note: This is a sponsored post on Formidable Forms. I received a payment of $25 for this Formidable Forms review. However, the contents of this review are completely based on opinion. If you want your product/service to be reviewed, then check the sponsored post pricing.

So what are Formidable Forms?

It is a form plugin for WordPress users.  Hope, you are clear with that.

What are the features of Formidable Forms?

We will see that. I will list down the basic features of Formidable Forms.

  • Customize Form HTML – If you are not interested with the default form layout, then you can use your coding skills to style it the way you like.
  • Send Email Autoresponders and Notifications – As soon as your visitor fills the form, the entries will be mailed to whomever you want to send.
  • Mobile Friendly Responsible Forms – All these forms are mobile-friendly and can be created with a drag and drop editor.
  • Form Templates for Instant Form Building – With default templates available, you don’t need to create Forms right from the scratch every time. Start with the template and modify what you need. Also, check the Formidable Forms library for more useful templates.
  • Invisible Spam Protection – Powerful spam protection techniques are deployed to protect your form from spam entries.

And, these are some interesting features that I came across at Formidable Forms. These are all available only in the Pro version.

  • Fill out Forms Automatically – Instead of making the users type each and every value, you can prefill some data, making the work of your audience easier.
  • Simple Entry Management – You can edit, search and delete entries. Thus offering powerful data management feature.
  • Multiple File Upload Forms – Using, this feature you can allow your visitor to upload multiple files. These files will be saved on your website safely.
  • Smart Forms with Conditional Logic – Using Conditional Branching feature will cut the fields and options for your users and making it look easy.
  • Powerful calculated Fields – This is the most interesting feature, that I have seen with this plugin. The fields can calculate numerical values based on inputs.
  • Create Reports with Graph and Chart Form Data – You can create Graphs and charts with the Form data for new insight.
  • Schedule Forms and Limit Responses – You can decide when the form should open and when it should close.

How to create a Form with Formidable Forms?

There are different memberships available on Formidable Forms and for this review purpose, I am using the lite version. You can download and install the free Formidable Forms Plugin.

If you need help in installing a WordPress plugin, refer to this tutorial.

Formidable Forms WordPress Plugin free version

Once you install and activate the plugin, in your WordPress sidebar, choose Formidable -> Forms (Lite).

This is the page, where you can find all the forms you have created. To create a new form, click Add New.

Click Add New Button in Formidable Forms

The following page, asks you to choose the layout. You can start with a blank form or go with an existing template or import your form.

Choose the layout for your form

For this tutorial, I am going with the blank form, to show you all the field options available. Now, that brings you to the Editor page.

Formidable Forms editor window

This is the place, where you can customize how your form looks like. And the best thing is that it is user-friendly. It has already come up with helping arrow symbols to guide you.

In the build section, you will have to add a Form name, drag and drop the fields you require. Once you have finished all the settings, click the “Create” button.

The settings section will allow you to modify your preferences for this form and the Entries section will allow you to see the Entries you received for this form.

The most important thing with the form creation is adding your form to the post or page.

To do that, just go to the Forms (Lite) page, where all your forms will be displayed. Copy the shortcode and paste it where you want to display it.

I have created a simple form and this is how it looks.

Created form at Formidable Forms

Note: You can customize the style of the form. You can do that at the Style subpage under Formidable menu. This is how the Style page looks like.

Style page in Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms Add-Ons:

Apart from the features, Formidable Forms has got a lot of Integrations available. You can integrate by installing an add-on. However, these add-ons are available only for Pro users.

Add-ons available at Formidable Forms

These are just a few add-ons that I captured for the screenshot. There are a lot more available.

Formidable Forms Pricing:

As I said earlier, Formidable Forms has both Lite (Free) and pro memberships.

Formidable Forms Pricing

The above pricing shows the Pro memberships.  You can click ‘Get Started’ for the package you want.

Also, they have a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can get a refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Wrapping Up:

Here are my review and ratings on Formidable Forms.

Formidable Forms Review and Ratings
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Formidable Forms Review

Formidable Forms is a simple Form plugin with a good user interface, very friendly for beginners. It has got a lot of features and integrations, making it a powerful plugin.

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Formidable Forms Review - An easy-to-use Form Plugin

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