Coupons and deals website are getting more and more popular nowadays. That’s why OnlineRockersHub has also one coupons and deals subdomain – ORH Coupons Deals. WordPress is the best platform to have coupon websites. The main reason is the huge number of coupon themes available. One such WordPress coupon theme is the Kupon theme. And this the theme, that we are going to have a look at.

Features of Kupon Theme:

This theme has some good features like. Here are they.

  • You can submit deals at Frontend
  • You don’t need a site member to submit a deal. Even a guest member can submit.
  • This theme is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • This theme includes WP Bakery visual Composer.
  • Supports Multisite.
  • This theme supports all WooCommerce Payment Gateways.
  • Easy deals filtering search bars.


  • Only limited templates are available. If you want a different style, you need to create them using visual composer, which beginners find time-consuming.

Templates included in Kupon Theme:

There are three templates included in this Kupon theme. Two templates for DailyDeals and one is for Coupon. Here are the three templates.

Kupon theme daily deals template


Kupon theme deals template - green colour


Kupon theme coupon template


Web sites that suite Kupon theme:

This theme supports the following type of websites:

  • Coupons Site ( No extra plugin needed)
  • Daily Deals Site ( No extra plugin needed)
  • Woocommerce enabled the site to shop affiliate products / external products.
  • Woocommerce enabled sites to shop downloadable products and physical products.

How does this Kupon theme look?

Here is a video on Frontend look of this theme.

You can check the preview of the Kupon theme here.

And here is one more video on Backend look of this theme.

And here is one more video to install this theme step by step.

Final Review:

This theme has been priced $49 at Themeforest. For $49 you get support from the developers for 6 months. This would be sufficient for beginners to build up a website. This price looks reasonable for the features available in this theme. And here are my ratings for this theme.

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