Bloggers spend most of their time in front of computers/laptops. They do a lot of work like content writing, writing eBooks, creating content upgrades and many more. Doing all these tasks makes them more and more tired. In addition to this, sometimes they don’t find the desired tools for their tasks on computers instantly. So, they waste a lot of time browsing and trying many services. Today, I will explain you about a website called PDF Convert free that contains a lot of handy tools for bloggers. Let’s see more in this PDF Convert free review.

Note: This is a Sponsored Review. I did receive a lifetime license for All PDF Converter Pro for Windows. However, the contents posted on this review is completely based on my opinions. If you have a product for reviewing, you can approach me for sponsored reviews here.

What is PDF Convert free?

This is a website, that has got a lot of handy tools for PDF conversion. To use these features, you don’t need to create an account on their website. Also, all your converted files will be deleted within 15 minutes from their server. So, you don’t need to fear of your data being shared.

Bloggers do work with PDF tools. They need it especially when they are creating pdf for content upgrades to collect more emails.

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What are the various tools PDF Convert Free has got?

I will list  all the tools this website has got and explain their function.

PDF Splitter:

PDF splitter available at PDF Convert free

Icon Credits: Flaticon

PDF splitter can be used to split one single PDF into multiple PDFs. You can use this feature when you want to split an eBook into pdf for each chapter.

What can you do with this split pdf?

It’s up to your planning and creativity. You can create individual content upgrades for each pdf and build your email list. You can even split an ebook that you purchase, into multiple chapters and read one by one with your comforts.

PDF Merger:

PDF Merger is exactly opposite to PDF Splitter. It will combine your individual PDF files into one single PDF.

PDF to Word:

PDF to Word option will actually convert your pdf files to Word document. This is the best tool that I actually found here.

Why I found this tool so useful?

Imagine, you found a PDF online with an excellent resource. For your upcoming article, you need some part of it. But, copying the content directly and pasting in your Word Document that you are typing didn’t suit your document formatting.

Then, you can use this simple tool to convert your PDF to Word document. And then copy the content from the Word Document and use it.

Note: Don’t copy any content you find randomly on the internet. Make sure the content author has given you appropriate permission to use the file. Sometimes, you might need to give appropriate credits to the author for using it. Just make you don’t violate their copyrights.

PDF to Excel:

PDF To Excel Converter at PDF convert free

Image Credits: Flaticon

PDF to Excel option will convert your pdf files to Excel.

If you wonder, why does a Blogger need Excel sheet? Then listen to this.

Excel is the most powerful and simplest tool that you can find. A successful Blogger will definitely be using Excel to keep track of his performance.

Bloggers may not be a coding expert. They can’t be creating applications for maintaining their data. But, by using Excel, they can maintain it easily.

I too use Excel to,

  • Manage Blogger Outreach Campaigns
  • Manage Coupons and Deals Database
  • Keep track of income and expense
  • Analyse Search Engine Performance of my articles
  • Monitor my Internal Linking Structure.

Well, see how I manage everything with one simple software.


PDF to PPTX option will help you create a presentation file out of your PDF. Each page of your PDF will be converted to a new slide in your Presentation file.

You can upload this presentation file into SlideShare to get some leads. But, you make sure that you check the formatting of your slides before uploading into SlideShare.

Because, if your pdf has text in small size, then uploading that to SlideShare will not make any sense. Because no one will be able to read the content.

PDF to Epub:

PDF to Epub converter option will you convert your pdf file to Epub. Epub is actually the format used by Amazon Kindle.

If you have a pdf with many pages, then reading it with Amazon Kindle will be very much comfortable for you.

However, while converting this PDF to Epub, you will notice a lot of formatting loss. I took this issue to the PDF Convert Free team. They assured me that they will work on this to improve this quality in the feature.

PDF to Image:

PDF to Image will actually convert your PDF files to image files.

My idea to make the best out of PDF to Image option is:

  • Create a Word document with beautiful background and page border.
  • Then, add text to the document like your Article Name, Website link. Make sure they all remain in one single page.
  • Now, convert this to PDF file and then use convert it to Image Option

That’s it. You have just created one quality image for your website in few minutes with simple tools. You can use this long image for Pinterest Marketing. Because, longer images perform well on Pinterest, which can help you in driving traffic to your website.

If you are clever, you can implement this to create quick infographics, without the use of any costly graphic design tools and without hiring any freelancers.

It all depends upon the way you think.


PDF to SVG converter option will help you convert PDF to SVG. I don’t use SVG image format much. So, I am not aware of its functionalities and how it can help you.

If you have any idea, how to use this creatively, share with us in the comments section.

Word to PDF:

Word to PDF Converter at PDF Convert Free

Icon Credits: Flaticon

Word to PDF will quickly convert your word document to PDF.

I do know, you can convert your word file directly into PDF, by clicking File->Save As, change the document type to PDF and click Save.

However, they do offer this functionality. Use it if needed.

Images to PDF:

Images to PDF will convert only each image to individual PDFs. If you are thinking about converting a bunch of images to one single PDF, then you need to

  • Use this feature to convert all individual images to Individual PDFs
  • Use PDF Merger option to convert these individual PDFs to one single PDF.

Epub to PDF:

Epub to PDF will convert an ebook with Epub format into PDF format.

I did already mention a quality loss if PDF to Epub conversion. I can prove you that.

  • First Convert you PDF to Epub
  • Now, use this Epub to PDF option to see how your converted PDF looks.

Do compare your original file with the converted PDF file. You will understand the quality difference that I was talking about.

Latex to PDF:

Use this option to convert your Latex file into a PDF. Bloggers won’t be using latex much. So, we might not come across occasions to use this feature.

PDF Compressor:

This is one more good feature available here. You can quickly compress your PDF files.

Imagine situations, where you couldn’t send any attachment greater than 25 MB at Gmail.

Well, in that case, you can use this tool.

When you try this conversion with small sizes, you cannot notice the size reduction. You could notice it easily when you compress large pdf files.

But, remember compressing your pdf file will lead to some quality loss.

PDF Rotator:

Using this PDF Rotator option, you can rotate your pdf pages in 90° or 180° or 270°. You can just rotate at a particular angle for all pages at a go or rotate only selected pages.

PDF Protect:

This option will protect your PDF with your own password. I do know, there are a lot of people on the internet using this feature like,

  • Allow people to download a Zip file
  • When they open a Zip file with the pdf they want, they will notice it is password protected.
  • They will notice there will be a text document along with this pdf.
  • It contains a simple line, “For password, please do visit this link” and you can find a link there.
  • When you open that link, you will find some tasks related to money to complete to reveal the password.

I request all webmasters and my Blogger readers not to create such stuff. Because it will make your followers lose the trust on you.

PDF to Grayscale:

This option will convert your PDF with colorful images to Black and white.

I am not sure, who still lives in that Black and White age.

Anyway, if you need this, use this.

My Ratings for Pdf Convert free:

A quick look into PDF Convert Free
  • Features
  • Pricing: Free
  • User Friendly
  • Bugs and Issues
  • Quality Loss

PDF Convert Free Review

PDF Convert Free is a free tool and has got a lot of PDF converters in it, that will be useful for every one. It is user-friendly and they don’t ask you to create an account to use their features.

Wrapping Up:

These are the handy features that you can find at PDF Convert free. I hope, apart from this PDF Convert free review, in this article you would have got some useful ideas to implement on your blog.

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