We are very well aware of the features of blogging software WordPress, similarly with the video platform Youtube. Have you ever come across any platform that combines the features of both? I did come across one, it’s Uscreen.

Though WordPress is powerful and allows you to upload videos, WordPress experts recommend you not to upload. The reason behind is that, when you upload videos directly to WordPress, it affects your page loading time. WordPress is not a video platform and it is typically designed for displaying text and images, also to work with javascript. Also, you are restricted by website hosting, where you are limited by your storage size.

On the other hand, if you are planning to create a Paid Video course, Youtube is not a perfect platform for that, because videos get streamed for free. You cannot sell your online video course there.

I guess Uscreen is a good platform to display both text and video, solving the above problems. In this Uscreen review, we will get to know more about Uscreen.

Also, I would like to let you know that I haven’t tried out Uscreen till now because my blogging style and requirements are completely different.

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So, what is Uscreen?

Uscreen is basically a powerful video platform that allows selling videos online. When I meant, selling videos online, it might be a bit confusing. Let me get into this detail.

Have you ever come across fitness or Nutrition DVDs that cost something around $20, or more than that?

The videos in the DVD might be useful for you, but we don’t have the patience to use a DVD player. Because DVD is a platform that’s not going to last for a long time. Also, you can’t carry your DVD player everywhere.

But, what if you are able to access these videos online for the same price? It would be very easy to access the videos with your everyday gadgets like smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc (The list goes on.)

Uscreen is a platform to achieve this. You can make your content online, sell them as a course, allow your customers to subscribe, rent your videos etc.

To explain it simply, it allows you to create a Netflix like a site for your video content.

Features of Uscreen:

Content Management:

Uscreen allows you to upload videos, documents, PDFs, text, images, presentations, webinars, live streaming and much more. Uscreen uses a global CDN called Akamai and guarantees no buffering.

Within Uscreen, you can easily implement a live streaming player and later sell this video as Video on Demand (VOD)

Learning Tools:

Uscreen learning tools

As I already mentioned Uscreen allows you to create a course. So, when you want to create a course, the videos must be in order, only then it’s worth. Uscreen displays the content in chapter wise, thus making sense.

Also, you can have quizzes and questions in between these chapters. Thus a well-structured course track can be created.

Sales and Marketing:

Uscreen sales and marketing

When it comes to marketing, you need to have a lot of advanced features. Uscreen does have features like one-time sales, rental offers, upsell products, marketing integrations, sales funnel creation, social media integrations, coupons and promotion, built-in affiliate system etc.

Design and Customization:

They allow custom domains to be set up. Their themes are designed to work well on all devices and it is fully customizable with its advanced CSS and HTML editing feature. It does have a built-in blog feature. You can also create highly converting landing pages here.

Reporting and Analytics:

Uscreen Reporting and Analytics

When you want to run a Business online, reports are vital. Their report system has features like video analytics, heatmaps, 3rd party analytics integrations, sales tracking pixel support etc.

Checkout and Payments:

Uscreen Checkout & Payments

Uscreen has a built-in payment system. They can accept all payment types and even international payments can be accepted. You need not worry about the security of payments because they are secured by SSL.

Advanced features:

Uscreen has lot more features like launching and maintaining native apps. They fully launch and support apps on Google Play store and on Apple TV

Native apps created with Uscreen

You can get to know more about their features on their site.

Customer testimonials:

You can check some of their famous customer testimonials here.

Uscreen Customer testimonials

Watch their testimonial videos on Youtube:




You can check their pricing here.

Uscreen pricing


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Summary of Uscreen Review

Uscreen is a good platform to create online video courses, with minimum coding knowledge.

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Wrapping Up:

To be accurate, Uscreen is a business platform with Video hosting, and it is for those who are not comfortable with coding. If you are planning to create an online video course then,

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