Why am I writing Visme Review for the second time?

Infographics, Graphic images are the most attractive and traffic driving content nowadays in Social Media. The businesses that invest more in their graphics tend to drive traffic from Social Media. The rest of the websites still have a tough time for organic reach at Social Media.

There are so many graphic design tools available online. But, for creating Infographics I always love to go with Visme, because of the huge number of premade templates available there.

Let’s see more about the features of Visme in this Visme Review.

Note: This is a sponsored Post. I received 6 months of Premium membership of Visme for this review. However, the content of this review is completely based on my opinion. If you have a product/service to be reviewed, then check my advertising options.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the second time I am reviewing Visme. The reason is that it has been around 2 years since I published the last Visme review. Since then, Visme has been evolved with so many changes.

What is Visme?

Visme is an online graphic designer that allows you to create Infographics, Presentations, charts, reports, Web and Social Graphics. They stand out with their stunning visual formats.

So, why should you try Visme?

If you have been using any online graphic designers and looking for an alternative with user-friendly features, then I would recommend you to try Visme.

Important Features of Visme:

You can consider using Visme because they will reduce your time and effort in creating graphics for your website. They have got

  • 500+ Templates and Color Schemes
  • 50+ charts, data, widgets and, maps

And you can publish and share your visual content in just one click.

How to get started with Visme?

To get started with Visme, you need to create an account at Visme.

  • First, go to Visme Homepage and click “Try Visme Now. It’s Free

Visme Homepage

  • Now, you will have to fill up the Visme Signup Form.
  • You can either create a manual registration or use your Google or Facebook account to create a new one.

Visme Signup Form

  • For manual Registration enter your Name, Email Address, Password and then click “Register
  • In the next screen, you are asked to enter a few details about your profession.

Visme Profile Data Collection

  • You just need to enter your Role, what type of organization you work at and then what you are looking forward at Visme?
  • Once you filled answers for these questions, click “Let’s get started

That’s it you have successfully created an account with Visme. Next, we will see how to create Graphic Images at Visme.

Creating Visual Images with Visme:

As soon as you enter Visme after account creation, you would have been brought to this page, which allows you to choose what type of Graphic content you want to create now.

Visme Graphics Creator

You can choose to create any one of the following:

  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Documents
  • Printables
  • Web Graphics
  • Social Graphics
  • Custom Size

And for each of these Graphic Type, you have a lot of templates available. Choose any one template.

If the templates available are not relevant to what you are looking for, no issues. You can choose the blank one and start from scratch.

Once you have chosen the template, you will be taken to the Visual Editor page.

Visual Editor at Visme

The left side of the Editor has five sections namely,

  • Layouts: Under the layouts, you can still find various templates
  • Basics: In the Basics section, you can choose Header & Text, Stats & Figures and Graphics & Text
  • Graphics: From the Graphics section, you can add various icons, shapes, and photos
  • Data: At the Data section, you can find various widgets and charts to add
  • Media: The Media section allows you to add video and audio to the project. You can also embed any online content.
  • Theme Colors: This section shows you a list of theme colors.
  • My Files: The My Files section allows you to add media.

The center of the Editor is where you create your image.

The right side of the Editor displays the various images in the particular project

And at the top right corner, you have three options:

  • Preview
  • Share
  • Download

Once, you have completed the Graphic content, you can click the “Download” Button. Now, you can choose the format in which you want to download the graphics like JPG, PNG, PDF, PPTX, and HTML5.

Some Infographic Tutorials for you:

I would like to show you some Infographics making videos that I created for OnlineRockersHub with Visme.

The following one is for the blog post, “6 Things I learned by marketing for Startups


And the next one is for the blog post, “Five Reasons why you need to buy VPS Hosting for your website

Cons of Visme:

Though there are so many good features available at Visme, I used to notice a small error while downloading the image.

When I type the last line of text, the editor screen shows it in a single line, but while downloading the image, the text would have been wrapped to the next line. The following image shows you the text wrapped image.

Visme problem with Text Wrapping

And, here is the actual image that is supposed to be

16 Competitor Analysis Tools that can boost your traffic Infographic

To set it right, you just need to extend the text box length. I guess, this is a small issue that Visme will fix it up soon.


Visme has three different types of Pricing.

Visme Pricing for Individuals:

Visme Pricing for Individuals

The Basic package is completely free. However, it is limited to 5 Projects, 100 MB storage, Limited Templates. You can download your graphic only as JPG or PNG.

Also, when you download your images with the Basic Package, they will have Visme Logo. If you want to remove the Visme Logo from your images, then you must upgrade to either Standard or Complete Membership.

The Standard membership costs $19/month and the Complete membership costs $30/month.

The complete membership allows you to create Unlimited Projects. They provide you with 10 GB storage and you have options to collect and store Leads.

Visme Pricing for Business:

Visme Pricing for Business

If you are a Business, then you must try out either Complete package or Team package. The Complete package will allow only one user to access your account. However, the Team package will allow up to 3 users to access your Visme account.

If you want custom quotations, then you need to contact Visme for the Enterprise Package.

Visme Pricing for Education:

Visme Pricing for Education

Probably Visme is the only Graphic Designer that I came across having memberships dedicated to Students and Schools.

Unlike the other memberships which last for months, Visme’s Educational packages are calculated based on Semesters.

The Student package will cost $30/semester and the Educator package will cost $60/semester.

If you are representing a School, then you might need bulk access to Visme account. You can contact Visme for the pricing.

Affiliate Program:

Apart from creating graphic images, Visme provides you an opportunity to earn money. You can make use of the Visme Affiliate Program.

When you refer customers to Visme, you will get 30% recurring commissions.

What do you mean by recurring commission?

As long as the customer you referred renews his Visme membership, you will be earning commissions for it. So, if you refer a lifelong customer, you will be earning lifelong commissions.

To signup for Visme Affiliate Program, visit here:

Wrapping Up:

Visme Ratings
  • User Interface
  • Templates
  • Pricing

Visme Review

Visme is a freemium Graphic Designer Tool with a lot of good templates. Visme is suitable for creating Presentations, Infographics, Web Graphics, Social Graphics, Charts, Reports etc. I prefer Visme for creating Infographics as it cuts down time with so many templates available.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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