Every blogger wants to drive away huge traffic from Google Search Engine. But, how to make sure that we are traveling the right direction for traffic gain? What if Google finds a problem on my site, what will I do?

You need not worry about this issue!

Because Google has already offered a solution to these issues in the name of Google Search Console. Sometimes, this is also called as Google Webmaster tools.

Submit your website to Google Search Console:

If you want Google to index your website, then you must first submit your website on Google Search Console. Today, in this post, I will tell you to how to submit your website to Googe Webmaster tools.

Step 1:

Visit Google Search Console. And, then sign-in using your Google account

Step 2:

Add a property in Google Search Console


After logging in to your account, in the Google Search Console dashboard, you need to click “Add a Property“.

Step 3:

Add website URL in Add a Propery dialog box in Google Search Console

Now, you will come across Add a Property dialog box. You can make use of this box to add either a website or an android app. For a website, you need to enter your website URL. For an android app, you will have to enter the package name.

In this tutorial, we will cover up the website only.

Step 4:

Next, you will have to verify your website at Google Webmaster Tools.

Recommended verification method in Google Search Console

The recommended verification method is to download an HTML file and upload it to your website.You will have to upload the given file in the mentioned location using Cpanel/FTP. Once you upload the file, you can make use of the link to confirm the upload.

Then you need to click the captcha, and then click the verify button.

We will also look the alternate verification methods.

alternate verification methods in Google Search Console

You have the alternate methods like,

  • HTML tag
  • Domain name provider
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Out of this, HTML tag verification method is one of the simplest methods. So, if you are a new blogger, this will be easy and comfortable for you.

HTML Tag verification:

When you choose HTML tag method, you will be provided with a meta tag.

HTML tag verification in Google Search Console


You will have to paste this within your website’s <head> tag. If you are a WordPress user, you have a plugin for this function.

You can install Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin. Once, you install and activate the plugin, you can choose “Custom CSS & JS -> Add Custom HTML” in your WordPress sidebar.

Here you can add the verification code provided to you. Give a suitable name like “Google Site Verification“, so that it will be useful to search in the future. On the sidebar, choose “Header” under ” Where On Page”. Don’t forget to hit the “Publish” button.

Now, you will go back to Google Search Console and click “Verify“.

This is just one way to add the HTML code to your WordPress site. If you have Yoast SEO plugin, you can verify it easily.

Google Search Console meta verification in Yoast SEO


Once you verify, you will see a success message.


If you think, Google will take care of everything else, hold on!

You have something called SiteMap.

Submit Sitemaps in Google Search Console:

So, what is a sitemap?

site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design or a Web page that lists the pages on a website, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. – Wikipedia

Sitemaps are so essential for Google Search Console to keep track of your links. It tells which pages of your website to be indexed.

You can create a sitemap for your website using Yoast SEO plugin.

To submit this sitemap to Google Search Console,

Under Google Search Console Dashboard, choose “Crawl -> Sitemaps

Sitemaps in Google Search Console



And then click, “Add/Test Sitemap“.

Add or Test Sitemap in Google Search Console

Now, you will have to enter your website’s sitemap URL.


Submit Sitemap in Google Search Console

And then click “Submit

What’s next?

Now, you have successfully created your website as a property in your Search Console and submitted your website’s sitemap. You will have to frequently check your Search Console dashboard for errors. So that you can rectify it.

I hope, you would have found this tutorial useful. If you need help, comment below or contact me through messenger.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar

Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas, Educational Content and more. He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering.You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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