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This is OnlineRockersHub’s subscribe page, and I am glad to welcome you. For the next few minutes, I am going to explain how OnlineRockersHub was started.

How did all start?

Back on April 9, 2016, I made a very important decision. I had no idea, what’s going to be its result. I was searching vigorously all domain registrars for Payza paying option. After a long search, I did find one with offering domain names for a comfortable price. After brainstorming for numerous names, I decided to purchase domain name “” and I did.

At that time, I was using Blogger. Later, I migrated to WordPress. I have been testing my website continuously with a lot of customizations. I did have no idea on what topics to write, what I am interested in and many more. At one time, OnlineRockersHub was a multi-niche site. I wrote content randomly whatever I felt.

Then, came the habit of reading regularly on many good blogs. I decided that OnlineRockersHub should be focusing only on Blogging, SEO, WordPress and Making Money Online. I started my Blogging career with zero investment. And, now making a minimum of ₹1000 every month with little hard work and planning.

I am not a genius at Blogging, but I am a consistent learner. There is no end to my learning.

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Your Blogging Friend,
Nirmal Kumar

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