You have decided to give a try to freelance writing career to get more free time and to earn some money. That’s great!

You are quite confident in your skills and know that you’ll do everything right and will definitely make a fortune following your new career path. However, if you have no experience in freelancing, you may face a huge number of obstacles that will prevent you from achieving your goals.

One of the obstacles that most of the young writers never expect but still face is going bankrupt at the beginning of the career.

Why does that happen?

The matter is that if you have never written before or you have no expertise in how to promote your freelance services, it may be rather difficult for you to find clients at the very beginning. Besides, you can never be sure that the number of the orders will be sufficient to cover your expenses.

Perhaps one of the worst situations that might happen to you is writing a text and getting nothing in return. The matter is that fraud happens all the time and it is important for you to know how to avoid such clients.

5 Tips to avoid Bankruptcy:

In this article, we have collected 5 important tips that will prevent you from losing all your savings and will explain to you how to make money regardless of your experience and number of existing clients.

avoid bankruptcy

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1)Never quit your job until you are sure you can make enough money

It will be better not to give up your career and give a try to part-time freelance where you have only a couple of orders per month. This way you will be able to understand how to cope with the tasks, how to find clients, how to work with them, and what strategy to choose to get more orders. Another important point here is that you can use this time to create a portfolio and find clients that will later give you more orders.

Of course, it may be rather difficult to combine a full-time job and the work of professional paper writer, so make sure you do not take too many orders.

Also carefully plan your work. It’s important to remember that you need to perform this or that task on time. Otherwise, your customers will be disappointed.

For example, someone will ask you to write a personal statement to university, and you’ll miss the deadline. The guy or girl won’t enrolled in the university. They will be very unhappy your work. That’s why you need plan your work.

And, don’t forget to make use of the right technical tools to get your work done on time.

2)Make sure your portfolio is perfect

Many writers do not even think that they should have a portfolio. But it is very useful as it can attract new clients and will help to ask for a higher payment in the future. Also, you will be able to demonstrate your portfolio to the clients who order your services for the first time to prove your competence.

It is highly recommended to have a portfolio before you completely devote yourself to freelance writing as you will need to spend a couple of months working almost for free just to create a portfolio. Besides, it may happen that no one will give you orders as you won’t be able to prove your expertise.

3)Use special freelance platforms

To protect yourself from fraud, always use freelance platforms to find clients and get orders. Most of the popular platforms have special algorithms for the cooperation of a client and a freelancer. A client needs to make a deposit to prove that they are ready to pay for the order but a freelancer does not receive money until the job is done.

Here are few trusted freelancing platforms:

4)Ask for feedback

If you use freelance platforms, always ask your clients to leave feedback for the job that you’ve done. This way you will be able to attract more new clients as they tend to trust the freelancers who have positive feedback and rarely order services from the freelancers who have no feedback or completed orders at all.

5)Manage your money

One of the most important rules for everyone who starts their freelance career is to manage money. Never spend more than you can afford and always remember that your salary for one month will always be different from the total income in another month. Some weeks will be full of orders and some weeks will not.

Besides, no one will pay for your sick leave and no one will pay for your vacation days. You will not get overtime payment as there is no overtime for a freelancer. And no one can promise you that the orders will be regular all the time. So always save some money in case you don’t get any orders or in case you want to go on vacation and won’t be able to take orders for some time.


Becoming a freelance writer is a great decision but you should always remember that to earn good money, you need to work hard. The clients want to cooperate with professionals and first, you need to prove that you are a real professional with the quality of your works and a proper attitude. Only then you may start using your experience as the most effective tool to ask for a higher payment for your services. Good luck!

Note: This is a guest post by Christina Battons. You can contribute to OnlineRockersHub after reading these guidelines.

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