Have you ever heard about making money by giving your opinions about a product or company?

Yes, you can earn money by answering those simple questions. Those series of questions is called a paid survey.

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online for beginners if they join in good paying sites.

There are many paid survey sites on the internet but not all paid survey sites are legit. There are some scams too. But don’t worry. In this post, I will suggest you the legit paid survey sites to start making money online from home.

Before, looking on the top paid survey sites, I will offer you some simple tricks to check if a site is legit or scam.

Tricks to identify scam sites to avoid time and energy loss:

1) Legit paid survey sites are always free to join:

If you find any paid survey site asking you pay $$ for the membership then you can clearly identify that it is a scam site.

Because all legit survey sites are free to join. Paid survey sites earn money from the company which conducts this survey. And you don’t have to pay money to them.

2) Check for the availability of payment proofs online

This is another easiest way to check if a site pays its users or not. Just Google Search payment proofs for the particular paid survey site.

Use this syntax ” Payment proofs + Paid Survey site

IndiaSpeaks payment proofs google search

If you don’t find any payment proofs online for the particular survey site, then it is clear that it is a scam site.

3) Too much of ads on the website isn’t good:

If you find a paid survey site with too many ads, then you must think about avoiding the particular site.

Because all legit paying survey sites avoid this excessive ad on their website. This isn’t an exact method to identify whether a site is legit or scam, but it indirectly marks a scam.

Now, let’s have a look at the top paid survey sites of 2019.

Top 10 Paid Survey sites of 2019:


I want to first introduce you to the Best place to find all good paid survey sites. It’s called PanelPlace. PanelPlace has more than 1,000,000 members. They have tied up with major survey panels, making your work simpler. I would recommend you to join PanelPlace.

PanelPlace Banner 300x250

I have listed all the top paid survey sites below in no particular order. This list is completely based on my experience with the following survey panels.

1) Opinionworld:

Opinionworld is a legit online paid survey site. They pay you through vouchers for your favorite merchants. Apart from offering paid surveys they also have a prize draw.

I have received E-voucher from Opinionworld and you can check that below.

OpinionWorld payment proof Flipkart voucher

Join OpinionWorld

2) IndiaSpeaks:

IndiaSpeaks is one more good survey panel. It offers so many surveys each and every month. This site is mostly for Indians.

IndiaSpeaks pays through,

  • Mobile Recharge
  • Paytm
  • E-vouchers
  • Demand Drafts

It is very interesting to know about the sweepstakes at IndiaSpeaks. You can check these guidelines for sweepstakes.

IndiaSpeaks Sweepstakes


Usually, the payment takes more time. But, they make sure that you are paid for each and every redemption.

I am attaching one of my payment proofs below, where I received payout through Paytm.

Indiaspeaks payment proof - paytm money


Join IndiaSpeaks

3) Cint survey panels:

Cint is an online insight exchange platform. They conduct surveys through their consumer survey panels.  There are more than 1500 consumer survey panels attached to Cint.

Cint survey panels logo

Image source: Cint

How do these Cint survey panels work?

These consumer survey panels send survey invitations to their consumers. If the consumer finishes a particular survey, the consumer panel will be paid. Then the consumer panel sends a part of the earnings for the particular survey to the consumer as an incentive.

This is how cint survey panels work. To participate in these surveys you need to register at any of those consumer panels.

I am listing out few consumer survey panels that I have joined.

These consumer survey panels can pay through Paypal or E-vouchers. The payment mode depends upon the consumer survey panel you join.

4) Viewfruit:

Viewfruit is another good online survey site that helps you make money. An important thing to consider is their referral program. You can recommend your friends to join Viewfruit through your unique referral link and you will get 10% of points for every survey that your friends complete.

They pay you through Paypal and the minimum redemption is 5$. Here is my Viewfruit Payment Proof.

Viewfruit Payment Proof

Join Viewfruit

To participate in surveys easily from your mobile device, Viewfruit has also released android and ios apps.


viewfruit android app and ios app

Image source: Viewfruit

You can download Viewfruit mobile apps below:

Download Viewfruid on Play Store Download Viewfruit iOS app

5) Toluna:

Toluna paid surveys

Toluna is a popular survey site. You can earn points in Toluna not just by answering surveys but also taking part in polls, contest etc.

Toluna can pay you through Paypal or E-vouchers from your favorite merchants. They also offer sweepstakes, where you can win exclusive goodies.

6) The Panel Station:

The Panel Station is one survey panel which I have been using for a long long time. They can pay you through Paypal / Paytm or through E-vouchers like Amazon Gift card/ Flipkart Gift Card etc.

The Panel Station paid survey panel homepage

I am attaching one of my payment proofs for The Panel Station here.

thepanelstation payment proof

The Panel Station app is available on Google Play store and iOs App Store. You can install it and take part in surveys through your mobile or tablet.

There is an interesting program offered by The Panel Station for its smartphone users. You can make use of their Mobile app Fidelity program.

The Panel Station Mobile App fidelity Program

Join The Panel Station

7) Telly Pulse:

Star Panel is now renamed as Telly Pulse. I have been using this site since it was named Star Panel. They generally ask you questions about Star Tv programs.

TellyPulse survey panel homepage

They have tied up with Nepa, a market research company. You get your survey invitations directly to your inbox.

Right now, they pay through Flipkart gift vouchers or Bookmyshow Gift vouchers. Here is my TellyPulse payment proof.

Tellypulse Payment Proof

Join TellyPulse

8) Inbox dollars:

Inbox dollars is one of the oldest sites that offer paid surveys. Apart from paid surveys they also offer paid search, Easy cash tasks etc.

Inbox Dollars GPT site banner

But unfortunately, paid surveys and other tasks are not available for Indians. Paid search is the only way to earn money by Indians at Inboxdollars.

But this program is more suitable for US / Canada members.

They also offer sweepstakes. But this sweepstakes program is limited to US and Canada members.

Join Inbox Dollars

9) Global Test Market:

Global Test Market is my favorite paid survey site.  I have finished many surveys here and I have paid regularly.

GlobalTestMarket survey panel homepage

I have attached a screenshot of my payment proof.

GlobalTestMarket Payment proof


They also have sweepstakes. You will receive sweepstakes every time you attempt a survey. Thus, the more surveys you attempt, the more chance you have of winning the sweepstakes competition.

They pay you through Paypal or E-vouchers from sites like Amazon, etc

Join Global Test Market

10) AIP Online Surveys:

AIP online surveys is another survey panel where you can make more money. I have received payments many times from AIP Online Surveys.

I am attaching one of my payment proofs along with this post.aip online surveys payment proof


They pay through Flipkart or Lifestyle e-vouchers.

Join AIP Online Surveys


1) Clixsense:

Cixsense is a collection of survey panels. You will receive paid surveys depending on certain criteria. An important advantage of taking surveys at Clixsense is that you get a daily bonus when you finish surveys.

Join Clixsense PTC site

Daily bonus is 5% of your earnings at Clixsense for a particular day.

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That’s it. I hope you would have liked this post. Let me know in the comments if you find this post useful. Also, if I have missed out any good paid survey sites, let me know in the comments section.

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