Welcome to another Income report from OnlineRockersHub. The importance of this report is the opportunity it gives me to update all my readers with what’s going on behind OnlineRockersHub. This report has many things to share. Let’s have a look at it.

An interactive forum to discuss – QuestionUs Forum:

On January 26, 2017, I launched the official forum of OnlineRockersHub. I named it as QuestionUs after conducting a poll through social media.

What’s this forum all about?

This forum is a good place to discuss various topics. Right now, I have only limited topics to discuss. If the forum members are interested in more topics, I would like to further develop them.

The following categories are available right now:

An open invitation for all readers to join this forum:

Inviting Readers for QuestionUs forum


Traffic reports for January 2017:

Let’s look at the traffic of OnlineRockersHub for January 2017.

Traffic overview of OnlineRockersHub for January 2017


The traffic has been decreased by 55.96 % when compared to December 2016. The major reason for this decrease in traffic is my SEO maintenance.

The purpose of my SEO maintenance was to remove irrelevant content from my site. I noticed that these irrelevant posts were getting some traffic and often gave a poor site structure.

How was SEO maintenance helpful for OnlineRockersHub?

At the end of SEO maintenance, I noticed a better site linking structure. I hope that Google Search engine will be able to find my content easily hereafter and faster indexing of new posts.

Also, a good internal linking was obtained through this SEO maintenance.

Now, let’s look at the traffic source.

Traffic source of OnlineRockersHub for January 2017


The organic traffic accounts for 14.89% this month. Last month, it accounted for 13.13%. This shows a steady increase in organic traffic percentage.

It was interesting to notice that traffic from facebook started to increase. The instant articles look easy to access for mobile users.

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Income Report for January 2017:

Let me list out all the income of OnlineRockersHub for January.

Total Income: 4.2683$ ( Approx ₹ 285.31)

Expense report for January 2017:

There is no expense for this report period.

Share your online income:

I was able to see a small drop in Income. But, I will try to recover that in the next report period. Don’t forget to share your online income in the comments section! If you haven’t started making money online, start today.

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