Here is another transparency report from OnlineRockersHub. But, this time there is a small delay in posting the report. However, I have no idea of skipping these reports.

You might have noticed that very few blog posts have been posted at OnlineRockersHub during this July 2017. There are few reasons for this:

  • I am little busier in studies.
  • Next, I am focusing more on ORH Coupons and Deals.

There were few surprises for me while checking income. I will open up this at the later part of this report.

SEMRush site audit on OnlineRockersHub – #SEMRushChat:

SEMRush site audit on OnlineRockersHub - #SEMRushChat

On July 12, 2017, at 8:30 p.m. IST, SEMRush made a site audit on OnlineRockersHub. This took place using #SemRushChat on Twitter. During this chat, there was a lot of spicy discussions on improving the SEO of OnlineRockersHub.

There were a lot of suggestions. Here are they:

  • Make sure H1 tag describes your site better
  • Reduce the white space
  • Change WordPress theme
  • Use Logo, rather than text at Header.
  • Many images miss ALT tags, add them
  • The Text-to-HTML ratio is low
  • Too many nofollow internal links
  • Build more number of backlinks.
  • Remove Sponsored Posts
  • Remove the Google Adsense from the header
  • Create more amazing content
  • Interview influencers
  • Share other bloggers posts on Facebook.
  • You should promote certain good quality posts buried on the site.

You can check the complete SemRush Site Audit on OnlineRockersHub in this post.

My response to suggestions:

It’s my duty to answer certain questions.

1) Create a better H1 tag:

After this discussion, I added a tagline for the site. Now, you can notice a tagline, “Discover the World of Blogging”.

2) Reduce White space:

I don’t want to go with this experiment, because, white space actually improves the readability of the site and makes the site design more attractive.

3) Changing WordPress theme:

Currently, this site runs on Activello theme. I have planned to get Genesis Framework. This needs some savings. So, right now, I am not changing the theme.

4) Use Logo, rather than text:

The current theme isn’t the best for Logo. Also, the logo increases the page size. This will result in slight increase in page loading time. That’s the reason, why I am not using the logo.

5) Missing ALT tag for images:

I have installed Check Alt Image Text plugin. By using this plugin, I am fixing this issue as much as possible.

6) Text-to-HTML ratio is low:

There are few pages on OnlineRockersHub with a low text-to-HTML ratio. However, many sources reveal that Google doesn’t consider them as a factor.

7) Nofollow internal links:

I went through this issue and noticed that this was mainly caused by BBpress plugin. This is the plugin I was using for the forum at QuestionUs.

Since I experienced many issues with bbpress plugin, I moved on to a new plugin called DW Question and Answer plugin

8) Building Backlinks:

This is one problem that I am experiencing for a long period of time. I haven’t focused till now on this issue. I will make more backlinks in the upcoming weeks using guest blogging and blog commenting.

9) Remove Sponsored Posts:

By Sponsored posts, I mentioned that I would write a review on a product. But, many people approach me for selling links to their site.I wasn’t interested to sell links. So, I ended up removing the Sponsored posts section at OnlineRockersHub.

10) Remove Google Adsense from the Header:

I made an experiment to remove the header and looked at the performance of ads. This experiment had a big impact on the Adsense earnings of my site. Hence, I couldn’t carry out this.

11) Create more amazing content:

Yes, I do take care of the quality of the content published here. I will be improving the quality further more.

12) Interview Influencers:

This is something new that I haven’t tried out till now. This looks cool. Probably, for this, I would start connecting more with influencers from now on.

13) Share others Blog posts on Facebook:

Yes, I do share other bloggers’ blog posts on my Facebook page. Whenever I come across a good quality post, I do share them on my social media profiles.

14) Promoting good quality posts found deep inside the site:

There are some posts of very high quality on my site. But, unfortunately, they aren’t getting enough search engine attention. My next step would be to promote them, instead of waiting for the search engine to bring traffic.

Traffic Reports for July 2017:


Here is the audience overview of OnlineRockersHub for July 2017.

Audience overview of OnlineRockersHub for July 2017

When comparing with the previous month, there is a slight decrease in the page views. This isn’t a good sign. But, at the same time bounce rate has decreased and percentage of returning visitors has increased. This is motivating a little bit.

From the above image, you can notice a peak with 207 sessions on a single day. These visits came when SEMRush made a site audit on OnlineRockersHub.

If you haven’t tried out SEMRush, it’s time to join SEMRush and boost your SEO, just like me.

SEMrush - the world's leading competitive intelligence software for digital marketing


Coming back to the traffic report,

Traffic source of OnlineRockersHub for July 2017

The traffic source of OnlineRockersHub shows, how organic traffic dominates in this list. All this is because of optimizing the site’s posts for the search engine. Also, it is interesting to see a good number of visitors from social media.


Audience Overview of QuestionUs

QuestionUs just received 4 times more traffic when compared to the previous month. As I mentioned earlier, I moved the forum from BBpress plugin to DW Question and Answers plugin. This plugin looks cool and has some good features.

Traffic source of QuestionUs

QuestionUs lacks user participation. But, still, it is getting search engine traffic. The reason behind this is that, I am creating threads with many details that are little difficult to find on the internet.

I am ready to solve my readers’ queries and problems here at QuestionUs.

ORH Coupons and Deals:

Audience Overview of ORH Coupons and Deals

ORH Coupons and Deals are getting a big boost. As, I am continuously promoting deals using Push Notifications, newsletters, youtube videos and facebook posts.

Traffic source of ORH Coupons and Deals

You could notice a lot of social media traffic. Also, you could notice some search engine traffic too. I am working on improving the SEO of this deals site.

The main reason, why I am focusing more on this deals site is that it is turning out to be a great revenue source.

Income and Expense Report for July 2017:

Income Report:

Total Income:  $160.78 ( ₹ 10,235.70)

Expense Report:

Just like every other month, OnlineRockersHub has no expense.

Wrapping up:

This month gave me the highest income ever in my blogging career. The majority of income came from ORH Coupons and deals site. If you haven’t visited my deals site till now, it’s time to take a look.

This income made me happy. But, I know, there is no consistent income in Blogging. I cannot expect a similar income in the next month. So, I will always be focusing on improving, as this is just a beginning step to success!

If you looking forward to the next monthly income report, subscribe to newsletters. I will notify you the when I publish it.

Here are some of my recent income reports for you to check:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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