Success doesn’t comes in a single day. You need to be persistent and creative everyday to reach that success.

Starting with a good message, I would like to put up an update,

Break up with my New Year Resolution:

If you weren’t aware of my new year resolution, read it here.

My New year resolution was to write every blog post at OnlineRockersHub for more than 2000 words. But, I am breaking it today, because, at my current situation, I cannot follow that.

The main reason for this is, I am not a full time blogger, and I couldn’t spend so much time for writing lengthy articles.

Also, I was unable to share so many important updates because it couldn’t be built up to 2000 words. But, I feel more than this quantity of 2000 words, writing quality articles will keep things going.

Giving this info, doesn’t mean that this article will be a short article. It will be of considerable length.

I would like to share some more happy news with you. Let me start with the first one.

Happy 2nd Anniversary OnlineRockersHub:

OnlineRockersHub turns 2 - Happy 2nd Anniversary

On April 9, 2018, OnlineRockersHub turned 2. Indeed I wrote a special post on OnlineRockersHub for this, where I announced my FotoJet Plus Giveaway winners.

I revealed those winners with a video. Here it is.

And one more good news is,

Moz Domain  Authority of OnlineRockersHub is increased:

Moz Domain Authority of OnlineRockersHub

Recently, I noticed that domain authority of OnlineRockersHub is increased. Earlier, it was at 25. But, now it has reached to 29.

Also, the page authority has risen up to 35. This is the highest score that OnlineRockersHub has ever reached. If you are interested in helping me out to build my website’s domain authority, just do a small favor of sharing my articles on social media. It will take care of the rest.

How sharing articles will help increasing Domain Authority?

Sharing articles on social media will bring more visitors and more trust to my website. Moz domain authority is just not a parameter that determines a score based on the number of backlinks. There are so many factors on which it depends on.

I guess I must write a detailed article on how to increase your website’s domain authority. It might happen soon.

Are you seeing many ads on my website? What’s the matter?

I boosted my revenue with Google Auto Ads:

Google Auto Ads

In my last report, I informed you that I have implemented auto ads on my website. And, now, I have got the results for implementing it.

My adsense income for February 2018 was $1.79. This was before implementing Google Auto Ads

And for March 2018, where I implemented Google Auto Ads, the adsense income was $3.02.

Could you see that?

There was 68.72% rise in revenue. This all came just by switching to Google Auto ads.

So, if you haven’t implemented Google Auto Ads, just do it today. Refer this tutorial for implementing Google Auto Ads on your website.

Google Adsense makes earning so easy right?

That’s not so!

Google sent me a page level violation notice:

If you were following my blog for quite sometime, you might have seen here an article on,

Top 5 PTC sites (Paid To Click Sites) – 2018 Edition

Google has sent me a notice that this post has violated their policies. And so, I had no other choice, I had to remove that article.

I did try to redirect this article to a document on google drive, where you can read this article. But, still, Google Adsense team is not satisfied.

They just confirmed me that removing this article, is the only way to solve this violation. So, I had to do it.

That’s all from the updates side.

Coming to my reading habit,

Finished reading ‘The Three Mistakes of My Life’ :

Chetan Bhagat - The 3 mistakes of my life

This is one more novel from Chetan Bhagat, where he brings out the three mistakes of a character ‘Govind Patel’. The novel initially started off with a slow place, but as it progresses, it connected with so many historical events of Gujarat and ended with a big drama.

I  was satisfied reading this book, because it gave a deeper insight on those historical events.

You might consider reading this book once.

Now, I will talk about my goals.

Goals for March 2018:

Here are my goals for the last month.

Goals for March 2018

Let me give a deeper insight on how I progressed with these goals.

1) Get 200 new Backlinks:

My backlinks before this month was 88. And on April 1, 2018 , I found to be 380. So, I made 292 backlinks this month. That helped me achieve my first goal.

2) Rank for 100 New keywords:

But, this doesn’t proceed well. Because, I was just able to rank for 16 more keywords. Ranking at the starting stage of your website is not so easy. It needs so much of work.

So, out of 2 goals, I completed 1.

Not Bad.

But, I am not going to create any new goals for the next two months, because I have to focus on my academics.

Now, let’s move on to the traffic reports.

Traffic Report for March 2018:

Audience Overview of OnlineRockersHub for March 2018

On looking at the audience overview for March 2018, I could notice a good increase in page views. It is a 17.5% rise. And, for the first time, I have crossed 5000 page views in a month. I want this to continue for every month.

Traffic source of OnlineRockersHub for March 2018

And looking at the traffic source, I could see a lot of social media traffic. That’s good. All my efforts are paying off. And the main reason for this traffic the Giveaway that I ran at OnlineRockersHub. It would be interesting to see, will this traffic continue even after the Giveaway ends.

Let me share my income.

Income and Expense Report for March 2018:

Income Report:

Total income: $43.9 (Approx ₹2858.59)

Expense Report:

  • ACT Fibernet: ₹1219.82
  • ContentMart: ₹684.47
  • Freelancer: ₹1491.13
  • Currency Conversion Losses: ₹21.83
  • Transaction fees: ₹38.42

Total Expense: $53.1 (₹3455.67)

This month has got pretty big expense list. I have created a new account at ContentMart.

Get $10 free credit at ContentMart using coupon code

ContentMart is a place where you can hire content writers. When you signup and top up $10 using this coupon code: AFFL10, you will get a $10 bonus to your ContentMart account. Try this today.

Also, I have hired a developer at Freelancer to build ORH Coupons and Deals.

Wrapping Up:

This makes us come to the end of this report. See you in the next report.

Share how much you earned from your online business in the comments section.

Here are my latest income reports to check for new updates:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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