Every successful blogger will be updating his blogging techniques and methods regularly. So, to improve myself I am browsing many good blogs for the past few weeks. After going through some, I wish to make some changes to keep my readers intact with the content of my site.

Changes that I expect to be interesting:

Changes are the only thing that doesn’t change

So, let me get on with new changes.

Instead of posting google analytics reports of OnlineRockersHub and all its subdomains every month, I thought about posting my domain’s report only. This is because my subdomains receive very few traffic and I am not regular on them (unable to manage time).

My prime focus is always on improving my domain and reaching out to new readers. So, the traffic report of the domain alone makes sense.

However, the income report includes from subdomains too.

Creating goals and marching towards that:

From now on, I wish to create achievable goals each and every month and go towards that. Only by going on with targets every month, I can reach new heights in blogging. Else, I would be inconsistent and losing motivation as time goes on.

I guess, it is a good strategy to work with.

Traffic Reports:

For all those new readers out there, traffic in blogging refers to audience visits to your website.

Audience Overview of OnlineRockersHub for November 2017

Having a look at the Audience Overview, there is a big drop in the traffic. That’s because I did not focus much on posting content this month. I was little busy with academic examinations. And, also I was trying out a lot of customizations at ORH Coupons and Deals.

Traffic Source of OnlineRockersHub for November 2017

As I looked the traffic source, I felt my Stumbleupon traffic fell down deep. I did not have any guess why StumbleUpon’s traffic decrease. I will have to take a look at it.

Income Reports:

Let me list down the income of my site for this month. These stats are taken from various program’s dashboard, and it doesn’t consider transaction fees, currency conversion charges, taxes etc.

Total Income: $14.67 ( Approx ₹943.54)

Expense Report:

I did not spend anything on my site this month. I am just saving money as usual for a better investment.

[New Try] Goals for the next month:

Just like I mentioned earlier,

For December 2017, I have set the following goals, and I will look forward to achieving this.

1) New SendInBlue Subscribers: 100

Right now, I have 465 subscribers in my SendInBlue account. By, the end of this December 2017, I want to get 100 new subscribers. You can also take part in my goal by subscribing to my newsletter.

2) Reach 4000 Pageviews for a month:

During, November 2017, I just had 2745 pageviews. For the next month, I want to reach 4000 pageviews. To achieve this, I will have to share my posts more on social media, maintain my posting schedule and get some search engine attention.

Hope to achieve goals:

I will have to make some clear plans to achieve these goals. I know, it will be tough to work on this over a short period of time, but it’s worth doing.

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Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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