Everyone loves transparency and I too love it. And that brings you here. This is the first transparency report from OnlineRockersHub. This idea of transparency report came from Shoutmeloud’s transparency reports. Now let’s get into the stats.

OnlineRockersHub Giveaway:

During November,  I conducted OnlineRockersHub Giveaway for the latest eBook – ” The Ultimate guide to Drive Traffic to your website without Spending a Money” . This eBook costs about 9.99$.

I conducted this Giveaway using Gleam. I got some good response for this Giveaway. And the winner has been announced.

OnlineRockersHub eBook giveaway winner


Congratulations to Donna Kozar !


I have sent Donna the prize, which is the eBook worth 9.99$. I thank all the participants for their support.


Traffic Report for November 2016:

Here is the traffic overview of OnlineRockersHub for this November.

OnlineRockersHub Traffic Report November 2016

You could notice that the traffic started to increase gradually towards the end. So I am hoping that the traffic would increase in the upcoming months.

Some good signs from this overview are the Bounce Rate and percentage of Returning visitors.

Bounce Rate is 61.21% . This is the best bounce rate that I have ever seen at OnlineRockersHub. And, this comes right after installing Activello Theme.

Also, the percentage of Returning Visitor is 37.8%. This is a great sign that my audience is loving the content. I would continue to write more good content.


OnlineRockersHub Traffic source for November 2016


Looking for the sources for this traffic, Stumbleupon tops the list. Almost 40% of traffic comes from Stumbleupon.

At the same time, the bounce rate of traffic from Stumbleupon looks slightly higher.

I am not happy with organic traffic. It accounts for only 6.52%. This doesn’t look good. I must focus on ranking for more number of Keywords in the upcoming months.

Income Reports for November 2016:


Let’s have a look at the income of OnlineRockersHub for November.

Total Income: 1.06$ ( Approx  ₹ 72.46)


Expense with this small amount is impossible. No expense for OnlineRockersHub during November 2016.

I will have to focus more on affiliate marketing in the upcoming months.

I always listen to my reader’s suggestions . You can offer me your suggestions in the comments section. Will share the next Transparency report on the new year.

Here are some of my latest income reports for you to check:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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