Do you feel your website is not getting much traffic from Facebook because of a lot of changes in Facebook Newsfeed algorithms recently? Now, you could bring your traffic from Facebook back. Because Facebook has once again come up with a new feature. Facebook’s new feature is its Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant articles are accessible only from mobile devices. Since the mobile traffic is increasing exponentially in the recent years, it is important for every website owners to target mobile users.

The main aim of Facebook instant articles was to prevent users from moving out of facebook. If you see a link on facebook, and if it is an instant article, when you click it, it’s gonna open in the same app with just one click. At the same time, many of the bloggers are benefited from this.

You could have probably seen this while browsing Online Rockers Hub facebook page through your facebook app. The instant articles will look like this.

OnlineRockersHub facebook instant articles

Setting up facebook instant articles for your WordPress blog is pretty easy. This is because of the official WordPress plugin. You don’t need to be an expert to make this conversion. With easy and simple steps you can attract traffic from facebook.

Setup Instant Articles for your WordPress website:

In this tutorial, I will explain to you in detail, about setting up instant articles for your WordPress blog. Before getting into the tutorial, you will need the following stuff to go on with the tutorial.

  1. Facebook page
  2. Self Hosted WordPress site

Install the Facebook Instant Articles plugin:

First, you will have to install the official facebook instant articles plugin. Here is a link to the official facebook instant articles plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, click the ” Get Started ” button.

Get Started with Facebook instant articles plugin

Create a Facebook App:

In order to connect your Facebook page to your WordPress blog, you need to get an App Id and App Secret code from facebook. To get the credentials, just click the ” Get App ID” button.

Get App id for Facebook Instant Articles

Now, you will be taken to the App Developers page. Click ” Add a New App ” button.

Click "Add New App ID" for Facebook Instant Articles

As soon as you click, a dialog box pops up with various options to choose the platform you want. Just click the” basic setup ” hyperlink at the end of the dialog box.

Click Basic setup in Facebook app developers app

In the Next dialog box, you need to fill up the details of the New App Id. Enter the name for your app. Try giving a meaningful name. Since this is just a tutorial, I have used the name ” Online Rockers Hub website demo“.

Enter App details for your facebook app

And enter your email address in the Contact email box. In the categories drop down box, select the category of your app. Since we are creating this app for our facebook page, choose “Apps for Pages“. Now click ” Create App Id“.

In the app developers page, under Settings choose the Basic tab. In this page, you could set an image for your app. The recommended image size is 1024 x 1024 resolution. But, thus not mandatory. If you have created the privacy policy and terms of service for this app, enter the link in the respective box, else skip it.

Add your domain to the app:

Choose platform under basic settings in facebook app developers page

Click the ” + Add platform ” button visible at the end of the page.

Now, you will have to select the platform where the app is gonna be used. We are using this App for our website. Hence select “Website“.

Select website as platform in facebook app developers page

Now, you will have to enter your domain in the app domains box.

Enter website address in your facebook app details

Note: While entering App domains box, enter your domain without www. and http:// . If you are inserting them, you will face some errors later in this tutorial.

And then enter your website address as you like in the site URL box and then click ” Save Changes“.  That’s it, now the app has been created.

Verify your App credentials and Facebook account:

The next step is to copy and paste the App Id and App secret code and paste them in the Facebook Instant Articles dashboard.

Copy the App ID and App secret code

Click ” Log in “. The plugin will verify the app details.

Login with your Facebook app id and app secret code

If you have entered the details perfectly, you will be asked to ” Login with Facebook “. Facebook will now ask permissions to verify your facebook account.

Login to your facebook account

If you followed the steps properly so far, you will not find any error in logging in to your facebook, else you will find some errors. Don’t panic, Facebook will also give you the reasons why that error has occurred. You can solve it very easily.

Give access for your app


Provide permissions for app to access your account

Customizing Facebook Instant articles:

Return to facebook Instant articles plugin page. It will display all the facebook pages in your account. Select the page for which you want instant articles. Note, the page which you are selecting is the one where you can access all facebook instant article tools.

Facebook pages associated with your facebook account

Once you selected the page, click the ” Select” button.

The next process is to customize the style of instant articles for your domain. Just click the ” Customize ” button, and you will be taken to the Facebook instant articles configuration page, where you get the opportunity to edit the styles. You can edit the default style or just create a new one.

Click customize to edit the styles of your app

This style option allows you to add a header logo for each and every instant article that belongs to your domain. And you can set up the fonts for your instant articles.

Default style for your instant articles

Once you have done save the styles and return back to the facebook instant articles plugin page and click ” Next“.

Click Next to finish customizing facebook instant articles styles

Instant Articles Review:

Now, you will have to submit your content for Review. Once you click the ” Submit for Review” button, you can send 5 articles for review. Only if the review is successful, you will get instant articles for your website.

If your application gets rejected, no worry. They would have sent the reason why it was rejected. It’s usually an easy process to solve them. I too got my instant articles only after 2-3 reviews. Just mail me at I will help you solve them.

After a successful review, you can check your website posts shared on Facebook in your mobile app. They would have been transformed into instant articles. Just click them, your article will open in the same app without moving out of Facebook.

Successful review for facebook instant articles

Stuck anywhere?

If you need any help in between just feel free to comment here or connect with me @OnlineRockerHub at twitter. I will assist you further.

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Ultimate Guide - How to setup Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress site

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Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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