Creating an infographic for your blog post? Or presentation for your seminar? You would have been troubled to create an interesting and attractive image or slide. Your struggle has come to an end. You have got something to overcome them with ease and style. It’s nothing but Visme.

What is Visme?

Visme is basically a free infographic and presentation maker. It helps you create an interactive infographic. And it also allows converting your presentation ideas easily into cool presentations without any presentation software.  Let’s get to know how I discovered this interesting tool.

How I discovered Visme?

I was looking for a long long time for an infographic creator. I tried Canva, which is another good tool for creating images. Though Canva was awesome for creating images, it is not good for creating an infographic. You will not have enough flexibility in creating designs as you like in Canva. I created one with Canva but wasn’t to my expected level.

I was not satisfied with Canva. One day, I received a mail, from Grace requesting to review Visme. I did not bother to check what is this. Only after receiving two to three emails, I actually bothered to know what it is. It was an image creator. I quickly created a free account and tried it. I found some interesting features. Let me share some of the features of this image creator.

Disclosure: I received a Visme premium membership for this Visme Review. However, the contents of this review is completely based on my opinions.

Visme Review: How is visme different from other image creators?

This tool is quite different from other image creators. It is an easy drag and drop builder. You need not be an expert to create an infographic or presentation. Just some common sense is sufficient to create an attractive visual content.

Audio, video background :

You can include some audio, videos into your presentation. You can create the animation for each and every slide in your presentation. And also, you can animate your presentations online. Thus, you can add html5 animation.

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Banners for your Business:

Creating banner ads for your business has become simpler. This allows you to create banner ads at standard size as well as for custom sizes. You can even create html5 banner.

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Visme has a separate section for social media ads. It has the data of standard dimensions for ads social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Linkedin. Thus your workload is reduced.

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This image creator is awesome for Business people who are in the field of data visualization. For all those, who are wondering what is data visualization, check it out on the Wikipedia page.

Privacy and publishing:

Visme also allows you to publish your content on the internet easily and quickly. Also, you can download your content in various formats such as jpg, png, pdf, and HTML5.  You can even embed your images. And also password protect your visual content.

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Team management:

With Visme, you can create a team and share your files with your team members. You can even set the permissions for team members so that you can decide who can which files and what they can perform in it.

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Infographic :

Here is a small infographic on the features:

Visme and its features - An infographic by Online Rockers Hub


The pricing of Visme looks reasonable for its features. Check Visme pricing below:

Visme Pricing

How is it different from Canva?

The images were very bright in Visme when compared with the image created with Canva. I am showing you one difference. Check them below.


Install WordPress in Namecheap. Image created with Canva

Image created with Canva

Install WordPress in Namecheap. Image created with Visme

Image created with Visme

From the images above you can observe the quality of images created with Canva and Visme. Visme offers the perfect clarity of the images.

With Canva, once you set up your image dimensions and created it, you cannot change it to anything else. Whereas in Visme, you can change this dimension at any time. Thus, you get full flexibility. Canva does not allow uploading gif files, whereas Visme allows it. Read more about Canva vs Visme.

Watch this Youtube video on Visme features:

My review in short:

I just summarized my Visme review here with my ratings below:

Visme Ratings
  • User Interface
  • Templates
  • Pricing

Visme Review

Visme is a simple image maker available online with good user interface.
Available in both free and premium versions.
A good number of templates available.
Allows you to add audio and video and convert it to a presentation.

User Review
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What’s your opinion?

On the whole, I am satisfied with Visme when compared with Canva. What do you think? If you know any other image creator, let me know in the comments section. 

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