Whenever you visit a new WordPress site with attractive design, you get a question on your mind “What WordPress theme is that site using?

You might scroll to the bottom of the website to check if it has any details about the theme. Many websites mention it at the footer.

QuotesDrive Mentioned WordPress Theme It uses

What about the website that doesn’t mention it? How to find it out?

What WordPress Theme Is that Site Using?

I have found an easy tool online to detect the WordPress theme. It’s called WPThemeDetector. This tool doesn’t guarantee that it will detect themes of all WordPress sites but finds out in maximum cases.

Now let’s detect some themes.

Visit WPThemeDetector.


And enter the website URL, for which you want to find out the theme and click “Experience the Magic of WPTD!”. Wait for few seconds and see the magic.

OnlineRockersHub Theme Detected by WPThemeDetector

See, it just found my theme. I am using Activello at OnlineRockersHub.

Let’s try this for few more websites.

I just tried to find the theme of ShoutMeLoud. This tool detected it to be ShoutMeLoud Child theme from parent theme Genesis.

ShoutMeLoud Theme detected by WPThemeDetector

Harsh Agarwal mentioned on his blog posts that he uses Genesis Framework on his website. So, this tool just gave an accurate answer this time too.

Next, I went on with QuickSprout. Neil Patel is also using a child theme of Genesis. He has named the child theme as “QuickSprout”, same as that of his website.

QuickSprout Theme Detected by WPThemeDetector

Wrapping up:

Apart from finding out the themes, this tool also finds out a few plugins the website is using currently. So, by checking out the Plugins and Themes of your Competitors, you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Which WordPress theme are you using on your website? Answer in the comments section.

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What WordPress Theme Is that - An Easy Way to Find Out

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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