Traditional marketing is a dying form of marketing. The previous decade is proof of this. More consumers are leaving their daily newspapers and are instead preferring Facebook or Twitter to consume their share of content. This shows that most consumers spend their time primarily online and not on traditional mediums (offline). So the business can’t still rely on their best call center services. They need to work on digital marketing.

Most businesses have made themselves part of the Digital Gamut, be it MNC’s or Small to medium enterprises. They have all accepted and implemented Digital as a part of their marketing system.

However, to effectively function Digital as a medium for marketing you will need a digital marketing strategy. Especially if your business is undergoing a digital transformation.

Why you need Digital Marketing in 2018?

Here are 12 reasons why you need a digital strategy in 2018:

1) The sense of Direction:

Having a strategy lets you know what your goals are and where are you headed. Without tangible goals, your ability to grow on any digital medium would be seriously hurt. Having no goals means that you have no reason for using digital medium as you don’t know what do you want to achieve.

Do you want to engage your older customers?

Or do you want to gain new ones?

Having clear strategic goals, let’s you know where you are headed and what is your aim.

2) Edge over the competition:

Digital is an open field for everybody. This means that your competitor for the attention for the same type of consumer can either be a Fortune 500 company or a startup in a garage. Having a set strategy for creating and executing consumer specific content lets you gain an edge over your competitor.

3) To know your customers well:

Knowing “who your customers are” is half the battle won. Further, engaging with your customers and communicating with them means that, your brand is on the top of their mind.

A good example of this is Netflix. Netflix knows who their customers are and create specific and relevant communication with them across various digital mediums.

Netflix engages with their customers

4) Understand the importance of your digital presence:

Do you know how many visitors on your site convert into sales?

This is where you should undertake heavy research activities to understand how your presence online influences your business overall.

5) To integrate your online activities:

In most organizations that partake in digital activities, Cohesiveness between teams and departments is necessary. This stems from the needs to integrate your online activities and communication.

6)  To keep up with Digital trends:

If you look at any company with a heavy online presence like (Google, Microsoft or even Netflix) one thing that they have in common is their ability to keep up with digital trends and capitalize on them quickly. Such digital agility resonates positively with customers as it personifies the brand. They jump on trends such as viral Meme’s or current affairs that trend of various digital mediums.

7) To understand the consumer perception of your brand:

Digital Marketing helps you to understand the consumer perception of your brand

It is of prime importance to know what someone online thinks of your brand. As this online perception of your brand usually influences the consumption of your goods or services. So if you know how your consumer perceives your brand you know where do you need to improve to better your online reputation.

8) To efficiently staff and budget your digital activities.

It is extremely important for any plan or idea to be executed, to first be backed by sufficient budget and enough manpower. The lack of above factors can prove to be extremely detrimental. It is important to have individuals with a specific skill set to deal with big brands and competitors in the online marketplace.

9) Optimizing your digital presence:

You have website analytics, but you are probably not reviewing your online performance. With a set digital strategy, you will be regularly reviewing and drawing insights on data. This helps to make sure that your digital presence is optimized.

10) Build Brand Awareness:

This is most important for start-ups and for SME’s that compete in populated industries. Social Media and other digital medium help gain corporate traction and enable direct communication with your consumer.

Here is an infographic with 50 ways to boost your brand awareness.

50 ways to boost your brand awareness - Infographic


11) To respond to sudden changes:

Having a digital strategy in place results in you being prepared to take on sudden changes that might directly or indirectly affect your online presence.

For eg: Facebook’s Advertising update harmed a lot of consistent Facebook advertisers. and not having a strategy in place means that your online marketing can be at great risk.

12) To keep up with platform needs:

It is extremely important to keep up with the needs of the platform that you are operating on.

Eg: For most of 2017 and for the upcoming years Facebook is rewarding pages that upload and create video related content strategies.

So, having a digital strategy around video content is extremely important.

Wrapping up:

A strong Digital Marketing strategy will let you accomplish the 12 points above. A clear strategy will most importantly unify and integrate your digital efforts. You and your digital team will be working in unison to complete company goals efficiently and in a timely manner.

If you are a complete beginner and need to learn digital marketing, then you might need to take up some courses in digital marketing.

Note: This is a guest post by Huzaifa Dhapai. You can also contribute good posts to OnlineRockersHub, after checking out our guidelines here.

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