It is important for Medical professionals to have an online presence. This will help them be found by potential clients and expand their practices. Whether they are managing or working in hospitals, healthcare facilities, hospices, or outpatient and inpatient rehab centers, they have to establish credibility first, especially for prospective clients.

One of the best ways to establish credibility is by running a blog, and when it comes to blog platforms, WordPress remains the standard as 3 in 10 of total websites in the world use this content management system.

If you need help in creating a WordPress website, the following tutorials will help you:

Best WordPress Plugins for Medical Professionals:

If you decide to have a blog through WordPress, here are some of the best plugins for medical professionals you may want to check out:

1) Medical

Medical WordPress Theme

Medical is one of the best healthcare dedicated themes for WordPress because of how easy it makes somebody who is not tech savvy to create their own website. Everything is drag-and-drop so you don’t need to know any codes.

There are ready templates to choose from and each comes with features and plugins to make your website look professional. The website is already SEO friendly, which will benefit users who have no idea about online marketing.

Price $59 for Single-Domain License.

2) Super Store Finder for WordPress

Super Store Finder WordPress Plugin

If you are running a clinic in a big city, or even a town somewhere, the nagging question for first-time customers you will need to answer every time is,

Where are you located?

This WordPress plugin is already integrated with Google Maps API v3 that will direct your prospective clients to your clinic easily. It’s already SEO-friendly so it’s Google-approved. Your customers can access street view (although this may be limited to some cities only) and directions.

Price $23 for Single-Domain License.

3) W8 Contact Form:

W8 Contact Form WordPress Plugin

This handy WordPress plugin will allow medical professionals to contact their patients easily. You will really appreciate the auto-reply feature because it will unburden you of this repetitive task of having to manually respond to each query.

All messages will be routed to one inbox so don’t miss out on a single message ever again. You can then create customer profiles and history. The app is fully customizable and there are multiple designs and skins to choose from so your website matches your preference and style.

Price$20 for Single-Domain License.

4) Medicare

Medicare WordPress Theme

It is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 12 child themes, which you can customize to fit your style and specialty. For instance, Medicare can be customized to fit the psychiatric or cosmetic practice. If you are an optometrist, surgeon, dentist, cardiologist, or general practitioner, you can easily change the look of the theme to fit your practice.

Some of the features of this theme are the timetable, online booking, and the before and after treatment. The timetable will show the visiting hours for your practice while the booking feature will enable your customers to schedule an appointment online. The before and after treatment feature, meanwhile, will showcase your work, which is especially helpful for cosmetic surgeons and dentists.

Price – $59 for Single-Domain License.

5) Wellness

Wellness WordPress Theme

If you want your website to look like it has been done by a professional developer then Wellness is the best theme for you. It comes with features and tools specifically created for the medical practice. You can include customer testimonials, for instance, or a presentation of your services.

Price$49 for Single-Domain License (or) Free if you buy Hosting through their Partners

6) Facebook Events Calendar

Facebook Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

Everybody seems to be on Facebook nowadays and it’s time for your practice to jump on the bandwagon. This useful WordPress plugin will automatically integrate your website with all your Facebook activities.

However, you need to be the admin of the Facebook page so all the features will display on the app. This is due to the Facebook API update, which also necessitates that your website must have an SSL certificate.

Price $20 for Single-Domain License.

7) Dr. Patterson

Dr. Patterson WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is already Gutenberg and GDPR ready for your data protection. This efficient theme will make it easy for you to create customized themes by building upon the six premade websites.

You can also book appointments online and then manage all your schedules with an effective timetable. You can easily create contact forms, pricing structures, and a list of your services using this app.

Price$55 for Single-Domain License.

Wrapping Up:

Like the medical profession, websites are constantly evolving and modernizing in ways that improve usability over time. It is important to understand how to match a modern profession with a modern website. These WordPress plugins and Themes are a step in that direction.

Of course, there are countless other WordPress Plugins and Themes to choose from and most are actually quite affordable even for freelancers and small clinics. However, these WordPress products give you the guaranteed quality you desire and give your site the usability your clients desire.

Note: This list on Best WordPress Plugins and Themes for Medical Professionals is contributed by Adam Durnham. If you are interested in contributing a WordPress article, then check our Guest Blogging guidelines.

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Best WordPress Plugins and Themes for Medical Professionals

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