This has been a long time controversial question. Which one is the best ? WordPress or Blogger. Let’s take part in the controversial argument in this post.

What are WordPress and Blogger?

For, all those beginners who are unaware of what are WordPress and Blogger, I will explain in simple words. Both WordPress and Blogger are blogging platforms. Blogger belongs to Google. WordPress belongs to Automattic. Let’s check out some key features of WordPress and Blogger.


WordPress is generally a software which could installed on a server. You can download this software here.There are many services which offer to host the WordPress software for your website. Some of the hosting packages are Namecheap , ipage , Bluehost etc

WordPress have also been installed in WordPress engine and it is named as . Read this post to know how to create a free blog at

Nearly 22% of the total websites in the world run on WordPress.Throughout this post, the term WordPress I use deals with ( Software ) and not with


Blogger is provided by Google and that’s why many people use Blogger.This makes you easier to get Google Adsense.It gives you an easier integration with Google+.

Online Rockers Hub has been initially at Blogger. Yes, the subdomain is still working. You can check it out .So I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I will share my experience at the end of this article.

These are some of the key features of Blogger and WordPress.  Now, let’s get into the feature comparison. This post will give you a comparison of the following topics.

  • Security
  • Widgets and Plugins
  • SEO
  • Adsense
  • Social media
  • Comments
  • Expense
  • Ownership
  • Support
  • Multi-author
  • Downtime
  • Portability
  • Future products and Updates



Hacker of websites

Credits : bykst


When it comes to security, WordPress loses its position in the comparison.

This is because WordPress sites have been easily hacked.The reason behind this that the  admins of the website don’t configure their sites for security.You need to use certain plugins like Wordfence,  Loginizer etc.


When it comes to Security, Blogger is the best ever.This is because the blogger ownership syncs with the website owner’s Gmail account.By allowing two-factor authentication , it becomes the most secure website.

Google has nailed it when it comes to security.

Widgets and Plugins:


Blogger is basically an HTML site.It gives you the full rights to edit the HTML of your site.But, it becomes quite a time taking as days go by.You need to try out everything with HTML.Blogger offers only limited widgets to be used on your site.

There are no plugins. So, it is clear that Blogger fails when it comes to Widgets and Plugins.


WordPress plugins make it everything  automatic.You can use any number of plugins.You even upload your own plugin.Wordpress clearly wins this area.


SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

Credits : bykst

Blogger :

With Blogger, you have no control of SEO.

You cannot have featured image.You cannot have different excerpts for different social media and  different images for social media.


WordPress gives you an immense advantage when it comes to SEO.You can have featured image , different excerpts and  different images for various social media.


Google Adsense - Make money

Source : Youtube


Blogger makes it very easy to get an AdSense account.

This is a major advantage which drives people to get a Blogger website .You will get a hosted account with blogger.


Getting an AdSense with WordPress is not an easy task.This is because of the strict rules made by Google.As years passing, many people started getting an Adsense account.In order to maintain the quality of ads, Google has made this.You will have to get an Upgraded account of Adsense .

Social media:

Integration of social media

Credits: geralt


Configuring your blogger blog to social media services like the Twitter card and Facebook Open Graph is a tedious task.Sometimes your blog images look awkward in social media. This is because of the high difficulty in configuring Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Open Card, Google+ is the only social media which easily integrates with blogger.


With Yoast SEO plugin, you have full control over the social media.Configuring Twitter Card and Facebook Open Graph is a cake walk .

When it comes to social media, WordPress sweeps out Blogger in this area.


Various comment systems online


With Blogger, you have only two commenting systems.They are:

  1.  Blogger commenting system and
  2. Google+ commenting system.

The advantage of Google+ commenting system is that  they are integrated with Google+. Hence, this will help you in SEO.


With WordPress, Blogger can’t even stand in front of it. This is because of the wide variety of commenting systems available for WordPress.You can use  Disqus commenting system, Simile based comment system called Vicomi , Google+ commenting system, Facebook commenting system , default WordPress commenting system or  WPDiscuz etc. Online Rockers Hub uses WPDiscuz commenting system.

With this wide variety of commenting system available , WordPress is mighty against Blogger.


Blogging expsense

Credits: 401(K) 2012


Blogger is completely free. It is completely free forever.Blogger websites will come with a subdomain by default. Hence, you don’t have to spend for domains.However, if you wish, you can point your subdomain to a custom domain.I would recommend you to get a custom domain from any one of the following custom domain providers:

  1. Namecheap ( Domain starts at $0.88)
  2. 1 & 1 domains ( Domain starts at 0.99$ )


WordPress is expensive.Wordpress will not come with a subdomain. So you will have to spend for the custom domain, hosting, etc.And if you wish you to premium theme or premium plugin , you will have to spend more.I recommend you to get a good hosting packing from one of the following hosting providers:

  1. Namecheap
  2. Bluehost
  3. ipage



The website is owned by you

Your Website – You own it. Image credits – MedithIT


With blogger website, you do not own your website.

You heard it right, You are not the owner of your site. Google owns your website. When Google finds that, you have violated any of their rules, Google will delete your website any  prior notification. So, you can’t trust blogger when it comes to ownership. Here is a sad story where Google Killed an artist’s 14 years of work.


You own your WordPress site. Whatever happens, you own your website. This advantage had caused a lot of people to move from Blogger to WordPress site.


Blogging platform support system

Source : Wikimedia


Blogger has a Product forum . The support system is very poor.Only a few experts are available on the forum and they reply to your query only once in a day, because of the huge number of queries they receive.Moreover, you cannot even send an email to any of them, if you need an instant support.

Blogger’s support system is an outdated one.


The mighty WordPress is an Open Source software and WordPress has been powered by thousands of plugins and each of these plugins has  its own support system.And some of them offer live chat system , which is a premium service.

WordPress sweeps out Blogger in the support system.

Multi- author:

Blog with multiple authors

Credits : Geralt


Blogger offers two types of accounts .

  1. One is the admin and
  2. the other is the author.

Blogger has a limitation that, only 100 authors will be allowed for a website.And moreover , these authors can publish without admin’s permission. So, this is dangerous.If any of your authors is angry at you, he can publish malicious contents, and makes your website violate Google’s Rules.Hence, it may even result in your website getting banned.

 Blogger is risky when your website contains many authors.


Unlike Blogger, WordPress offers various types accounts like a contributor, editor , admin , subscriber etc.You can offer contributor accounts to your authors and hence you will have the rights to take the decision whether a particular post can be published on your website or not.And, there is no limitation on the number of authors on your website.

WordPress is the best for multi-author websites.


Your website is experiencing downtime

Credits: Sean MacEntee


  • Some of the WordPress sites go down often. The reason behind this is selecting a poor hosting service. If you enquire the  hosting services, they  will give you a reason that it was caused due to server reboot and few more .
  • I suggest to choose anyone of the following good hosting providers to reduce downtime:
    1. Namecheap
    2. Bluehost
    3. Ipage

Special offer:

A special offer for Online Rockers Hub readers, you can get 20% discount of  NameCheap Shared Hosting. Offer valid with the above link. Promo code: SUNANDFUN 


Blogger gives you update very rarely. Hence , there is downtime very rarely.

Anytime Uptime, blogger wins this section.



Migrating from Blogger to any other platform is a difficult task. Sometimes, while migrating you may even lose your SEO . This can lead to loss of traffic. This is due to the difference caused by the permalink.


Migrating from WordPress to any other platform is so easy. This is because of the flexibility in changing the permalink.

 Wordpress is portable to any platform you want.

Future products and updates:


Update and future products

Credit: Geralt


Blogger platform is updated rarely. One of its services is Feedburner. It was updated over a decade ago. Anyone who wishes that their website should last long, will not choose Blogger.


WordPress is updated often. They have been constantly updating their services based on users response.  Also, plugins like WordPress Super Cache, Yoast SEO plugin and much more are updated often. Hence, your website can last long .

WordPress is for longevity

The following table will quickly summarize this comparison.

SecurityTight securityNeed to configure
Widgets and PluginsWidgets limited.No Plugins.Have widgets and Plugins
SEONo controlFull control
AdsenseEasy to getDifficult to get
Social MediaNot suitableSuitable
CommentsLimitedVarious Commenting systems
ExpenseFreePurchase hosting and domains
OwnershipGoogle owns itYou own it
SupportPoorVery good
DowntimeNo downtimeDepends on hosting provider
PortabilityNot easyEasy
Future Products and UpdatesRarely updatedUpdated often

Personal experience:

I started Online Rockers Hub at Blogger. The only reason I started at Blogger is that it is free. At some point, I realized that I did not have any control over the SEO and it was a little tedious to maintain with it. I was unaware whether my links were broken or not. I had edited my HTML sometimes, and I always had a confusion , whether the code is right.

And also, getting traffic at Blogger is not an easy task. Blogger dashboard shows that the page view of a particular day is around 100 and Google  Analytics shows that the number of page views was only 30 that day.So, I decided to move on to WordPress. Blogger stats counted even the bots visit and it really frustrates.

Ever I since moved to WordPress, I was very happy with the availability of so many features. I can install as many plugins I want. I had full control over the SEO. Only after moving to WordPress and using Yoast SEO plugin , I came to know that most of the content  did not satisfy the basic SEO requirements. Yoast showed the red light for most of my posts. I had to further edit those contents and  make it search engine friendly. Also, I had the full control over the sitemaps. I could choose which post or page should be indexed and which one not. And one more thing is that the site stats synced with the Google Analytics. This is because WordPress did not count bot visits and it made me easy to analyze my website.

I compared and realized that my blog is placed at higher positions is Search Engine while I am in WordPress than in Blogger. So,

For me , WordPress is great , because it boosted my SEO.


From the above comparisons, it is very well clear that. WordPress defeats Blogger in this battle. But that’s not over. This is applicable only for the professional bloggers and for business websites.

If you are a beginner and you are in half minded whether you want to start a blog or not? Will blogging suit you? I will suggest you to go with Blogger. Blogger is not too bad. It is a completely free platform. You need not waste your money just by buying hosting and domain for a career , which doesn’t suit you. You could try blogger, realize whether blogging suits you and then move on to WordPress if you are serious about blogging.

If I have missed out any  let me know in the comments section.

Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas, Educational Content and more.

He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering.You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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